Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jewel Cave

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

Our weather here is trending cooler now.
The fireplace warms us up in the morning!
Been awhile since we've needed that :-)

Yesterday we took a ride over to Jewel Cave
to see what it's all about.

Our VIP pass got us either the Discovery Talk
or the basic Scenic Tour.
We decided to just do the easier Discovery Talk,
and when we go to Wind Cave will do the more strenuous 
Garden of Eden tour.

It's a beautiful setting in the Black Hills,
discovered by two brothers in 1900.
President Roosevelt declared it a National Monument in 1908.
The National Park Service started tours in 1939.

In 1939 only two miles of cave had been discovered.
In 1961 a geologist by the name of Dwight Deal
with the help of two rock climbing enthusiasts,
extended the length of the cave to almost 15 miles.

The Discovery Talk begins by taking an elevator 
down a shaft 230 feet to a platform
where we looked down into the cave even deeper.

Above us was a domed area of this big cave..

and some interesting formations..

We did enjoy the quick introduction to the cave,
but almost regretted not doing the more strenuous tour.
They said it has 723 steps, the equivalent of 40 flights of stairs!


  1. Never heard of that one. I doubt if we could do the steps with my knees though. What a great place!

  2. Misssed the cave when we were there. I guess we have to go back:)

  3. WOW I am adding this to our "to do" list for next summer, looks amazing!

  4. We loved both Wind and Jewel. They are quite different although pretty close together. The "strenuous" hike wasn't all that strenuous we didn't think. Thanks for the memories.

  5. That's a lot of stairs. I wonder how nature formed them? ;c)

  6. Wow -- 723 steps??? I can't even imagine!! Using your fireplace in the mornings. I can't even imagine that either!! :-)

  7. We have started using our ceramic heater in the AM also, it is chilly when I get up around 5AM for no particular reason.