Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Dinner and a show

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

We have been wanting to go see the
so we made reservations for yesterday.
The admission was free with our VIP card,
normally it's $29 per person!

George and I arrived early to walk around
and look at the Old Town Square.
It's formerly the Dances with Wolves set.

The storm clouds were impressive in the distance.

We walked around and looked at some of the buildings.
Because we were too early, 
there was no one demonstrating yet.

I don't think we were missing anything :-)

Once the doors opened at 6:15,
we went inside to get our assigned seat
at a long picnic table.
We actually had great seats facing the stage,
and the place was only half full.

Our instructions were given as to how to line up
to get our meal.
This cowboy was hilarious :-)

Our dinner consisted of BBQ beef brisket or chicken,
a baked potato, baked beans, applesauce,
a biscuit, and a piece of spice cake.
Lemonade was served in a tin cup,
and the dinner on a tin plate.
It was pretty good!

After dinner the entertainment started..

It was a terrific western band.
The fiddler, Liz introduced herself as
Elizabeth the concert violinist/Liz the fiddler :-)

They played everything from good old western music,
some classics,
and some sing-a-long oldies.

They ended the show with 'God Bless the USA'
which was great.

We really had a great time and glad we went!

It's back to work today for the next 5 days.
The motorcycle rally is going strong,
but we'll be glad to not hear motorcycles in the distance :-)


  1. That looked like a great venue to spend some time. Good to see George out and about.

  2. Envy you spending the summer in SD.

  3. How great to see it for free. That's a hefty charge you saved. Interesting that it's the set of the movie many years ago.

  4. How fun! And you're really making good use of your VIP passes. That's a huge savings!