Friday, July 8, 2016

Seeing the guys on the mountain..

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

On our last day off, we took a ride to Mt. Rushmore.
We did see it 6 years ago, but wanted to spend more time there.
It was crowded, but not annoyingly so :-)

For those of you who have not been there,
it is free to get into the National Memorial,
but it does cost $11 to park.
The senior pass doesn't absolve you of parking fees.

Mt. Rushmore is pretty breathtaking.
As soon as you walk up from the parking lots,
this is what you see..

When you first arrive, there is the Avenue of Flags,
which presents all 50 US States, territories, commonwealths,
and one district.

As you make your way to the amphitheater,
you get a perfect view of all 4 presidents.

The grounds are lovely as well,
with a wonderful Presidential trail that winds around 
to the bottom of the mountain.

The trail is a boardwalk of .6 miles, and 422 steps!
It's not so bad going down, but you have to come back up :-)
From there you can get different views of the monument
and different perspectives of each president's face.

We saw the where the holes were drilled 'honeycombing'
and then the rest would be carved by hand.

One of the neat things about Roosevelt,
is the optical illusion of having glass in his spectacles.
The workers carved the nose piece of the glasses,
and then part of the frame. 
The rest is filled in by your imagination!

There is a great gift shop on the property,
as well as a visitor's center,
sculptor's studio,
and a good 12 minute film with footage of the carving.

While we were there we got our National Park passport stamped,
and I bought a 2016 centennial shirt,
and we both got a free pin with our VIP cards.
On our way home we took the famous Iron Mountain Road.
There are tunnels to go through,
and cool 'pigtail' roads..

It was certainly an enjoyable day,
and we ended it by having an ice cream in town.

Sunday we get to go up to the top of Crazy Horse
with Steve, Joan, Phil, Rudee, JC, and Bev, and a few others.
We're excited!!


  1. Loved that place! Thanks for revisiting it for us! How are the temps out there?

  2. One of my favorite places to visit, three times (so far). :c)

  3. We never went to the actual location, but all the views that we did see were pretty impressive.