Monday, May 16, 2016

Work...and friend time!

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

We're plugging right along getting things ready here.
There are 16 cabins on the property,
of which 6 are log cabins.
There are two bunks in each cabin,
3 twin beds and one double.
Electricity is provided, but you must bring 
your own bedding.

All cabins need to be swept and vacuumed out. 
There were hundreds of dead flies!
We washed the windows,
took inventory of things needed
such as light bulbs, nite lites,
broom and dustpan, etc.
The mattresses all needed to be scrubbed down as well.

It took us all day to clean the 6 cabins!
The other workamper couple came too!
We met them at Amazon last year,
Gail and Bob Samson.
They are a great couple,
I'm sure I'll get good pictures of them at some point.

Yesterday we all got the day off for a break.

I was just getting out of the shower,
and was surprised to get a call from Mitch & Renee!
They are part of the family we visited in Denver last week.
A quick trip to Custer for the weekend to see some sights
was on their list!
We had already made plans for the afternoon,
but they came by to see the RV 
and chat for a bit.
They'll be back!

We also found out that fellow RV-Dreamers Joan & Steve 
are working at Crazy Horse.
Joan emailed us to see if we were free to get together.
Yesterday afternoon we drove to their RV park.
We were joined by Deb Britt,
who we also knew from an RV Dreams rally.
She and her husband Jim are also working at Crazy Horse.
After catching up and chatting awhile,
we all piled up in Steve's jeep and went for pizza.

We had a great time, and can't wait to get together again.
We know there are several more RVers in the area :-)

Today it was back to work!
It was cold and rainy this morning,
so we all met in the office to do some more organizing.

Marlene, Gail and I went to some of the other buildings
to see if there were things we could use.

Marlene and Bob
Marlene's husband Danny

Bob, Gail, and George

One thing we found was a popcorn machine!
I helped get that cleaned up..

and before long,
we had fresh popcorn!

The rest of the week looks sunny and mild,
so I think outdoor work is in our future.

We're looking forward to the time when everything
is ready and we can get some sightseeing in!


  1. Doing all six cabins so thoroughly in one day sounds pretty great to me. Amazing that you have so many friends so nearby. That will be nice on days off. I'd have that popcorn machine working all the time if I were there. Love popcorn!

  2. You sure won't be lonesome this summer! Nice to have so many friends in the area.

  3. What variety of chores. You will have to ask Joan and Steve if they met Kenny and Angela at Crazy Horse.

  4. It was great meeting you two. Looks like I'll be working at Crazy Horse after all. Sure hope we have at least one day off the same. And yes Phyllis we did meet Kenny and Angela. They are our neighbors. We all go to orientation together tomorrow. The rv life is so cool. Every time we meet someone new chances are we have friends in common. Just love it.

  5. Why do comments print twice? Aggravating!!!

  6. Love the Black Hills! If you can, use your VIP pass to see the plays at the Black Hills Playhouse in Custer Park. They usually have 4 plays a season, and you can get in free on the dress rehearsal nights.

  7. Seems like the campgrounds in the Black Hills realized it's smart to hire RV Dreams folks! ;c)

  8. It really is a small world. We love it when we find out fellow RVers are in the same area.