Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nice son day!

Cherry Creek State Park
Aurora, CO

What a beautiful day we woke up to yesterday!
There was some rain and snow overnight,
mostly in the mountains,
but it made the surrounding mountains glorious.

I got some computer time finally yesterday morning.
The park's wifi is pretty good,
so I could catch up on a lot of things.

George took the truck into a nearby Discount Tire,
as our Pressure Pro showed one of our tires was
again leaking air from the valve stem.
We have been replacing our valve stems with
heavier duty ones.
The PP tends to wear the normal ones out.
Discount Tire does not charge for replacing,
and George already has spare ones :-)

After he got back,
we took a nice walk around our loop,
and down by the lake.
A lot of the trees are budding now,
and we saw lots of baby birds.

It was nice to get out and walk!
We've gotten out of the habit, actually didn't have the
motivation or location to do so :-)

When we got back to our loop,
we saw these guys munching happily..

There are about 11 that we've seen at any given time,
and they seem to wander freely around the campground loops.

At about 2:30 George drove me into Denver
to drop me off at Austin's apartment.
Austin is a senior front end developer
for a company in Denver.
Don't ask me to explain what he does :-)
In a nutshell he makes sure that the data that
runs websites looks good when you go 'click' :-)
It's a lot more complicated than that,
and the company he works for actually
creates registration forms for corporations
such as Whirlpool, Cuisinart, etc.
So if you ever register something you just bought,
Austin may have designed the form!
He loves his job,
and he gets to work from home, which is so cool!

I really enjoyed the tour of his place,
he has such good taste.
I sat on his couch while he did a bit of work..

..and I got to know his dog Dudley..

Austin's girlfriend, Lauren came over 
after work, and I got to know her too.
She works at the same company Austin does,
doing basically the same thing.

They took me to dinner later to a really good pub.
I really enjoyed their company,
and the food was great too!

I just love catching up with Austin.
George and I were supposed to be here
next weekend to help celebrate Austin's 27th birthday.
It was nice to be here near Mother's Day instead!


  1. Our youngest son does the same job in Chicago. Web designer. I'm glad you got to spend time. Be sure to dodge the storms.

  2. Glad you had a great day with Austin. Nice to see your kids being so successful, isn't it? :c)

  3. Always nice to spend Mother's day with your children. Love your neighbors at the new place. That's a great photo of you out walking.

  4. Love the picture of the deer behind your RV and love it as your new header. Great picture of your son and his girlfriend too.