Saturday, May 14, 2016

Getting ready for the season

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

 We got all settled in on Wednesday,
and by Thursday at 9 am we were rolling up our sleeves
and getting to it!

This campground was sold to new owners at
the end of the season last year.
A lot of people remember this place,
it was Flinstones Bedrock City.
Warner Brothers didn't renew the contract
for the new owners,
so we have to get rid of everything Flinstone.

There is a 8 hole mini-golf that needed to be freshened up.
Marlene and I got down on the ground to paint.
Two days later my body is feeling it!

George is in hog heaven!
There is so much grass to mow,
and they have a brand new zero turn radius mower.
I'll never see him now :-)

Yesterday we woke up to 30 degree temps,
so it was an inside work day.
At one point I looked out to this!

We spent all day in the office getting it ready.
There was new carpet installed a few weeks ago,
so the shelving needed to be put back up.
The few items they had left from last year
was put into the new inventory system,
then put on the shelves.

Marlene entered things on the computer
while I got things organized.

Marlene and Danny left at 2:30 to get a break,
so George and I finished up the office.
By the time we finished at 4:30
the place was looking great!
We were so tired that I forgot a picture!

This morning we woke up to 20 degree temps!
The sun is shining, the deer are grazing 
right outside our back window..

Hopefully it will warm up enough to get
some more things done outside.
The cabins all need to get cleaned out
and there's more grass to mow :-)


  1. What????? You paint while George mows? Na, na, I would be grabbing that mower first thing in the morning.

    Seriously, I can relate. I have a hard time getting down on the ground. Even harder getting back up. Aleve to this rescue, girl.

  2. Why would Warner's not renew? That seems down right unfriendly. Unless the new owners don't care. I'm not a golfer but mini I love. Your course looks very nice. Not sure about those 20 and 30 degree temps though. I think you guys are going to have the place ship shape in no time.

  3. Bet you're looking forward to those two or three days of summer you get out there before winter starts again! :cD

  4. Looks like a lot of work to get the CG ready!

  5. That's going to be a lot of work. What will happen to the restaurant out front?
    Check out the Bun & Burger restaurant before it gets to busy.
    If you want the summer heat, all you have to do is drive up to Rapid City.

  6. Hope you've recovered from painting by now. I'm glad they're keeping the mini golf course. That would be fun.