Sunday, May 22, 2016

George's hospital visit..

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

As a lot of our friends on Facebook know,
the last couple days have been very stressful.

I had mentioned on Friday's post that George didn't feel well.
He'd been having some pain in his lower abdomen.
Saturday morning he wasn't feeling better, 
so off we went to the Custer hospital ER.

He got poked and prodded,
samples taken,
and a CT scan done.

Dr. Joy (who is terrific by the way)
thought maybe it was his appendix,
or kidney or gall stones.
What she found was air in his abdominal cavity.
It was not obvious where the leak was coming from,
so she decided the best course of action
was to send him via ambulance
to Rapid City Regional Hospital.

They took him in right away,
straight to pre-op. 

The anesthesiologist came by to explain
his part in the surgery,
and the surgeon, Dr. Miller,
also explained what he thought might be the issue.

He explained that although he was to do
laparoscopic exploratory surgery,
if he found anything more,
he may have to open George up to repair the issue.
His thought was that it could be a rupture
of either the appendix, an ulcer, or George's colon.

The nurses got George all prepped, 
including shaving his belly :-)
Once Dr. Miller was ready,
they sent me off to go eat something,
and wait in the surgery waiting room.
We had gone to Custer hospital at 8 am,
and it was now about 3:30.

At around 6 pm Dr. Miller came into the waiting room
where he explained what he found.
George's appendix was fine,
no ulcers at all,
but a small area of his colon had abscessed.
He did say it was diverticulitis.

For now he's installed a drain to relieve the abscess,
loaded George up with antibiotics,
and he's gotten some pain meds to help.

I spent the night in a Quality Inn in the same block
as the hospital,
and got an employee rate courtesy of the owners 
of the campground :-)

This morning I went in to visit George,
and he was looking so much better!

He was even enjoying his liquid breakfast :-)

Dr. Miller came by on his rounds and did explain
that he's concerned about this happening again.
He's suggesting going in and removing the
diseased part of the colon at some point.
We're going to find out what he means
by 'some point'.
George wants to do it asap!

We should know tomorrow when that might be.

In the meantime, the campground manager
is so supportive!
She and her husband drove to Rapid City to visit George
this afternoon.
I left this morning to get some groceries,
and to come home and do laundry,
and get some rest myself.
I'll do some work tomorrow here at the campground,
then depending on how George is doing,
go back to the hospital on Tuesday.
Rapid City is a 45 minute drive away.

Thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts.
We both have been feeling them!


  1. Oh no!! Too many fellow RVers going through emergency medical issues! Glad you're in a spot the owners are being so supportive and not on some secluded gate! Prayers you can get this fixed soon!

  2. As you know, we've had a few hospitalizations since we took to the road. Me --- a stoke. Len ---- twice due to blood clots of the legs. And two non-emergency for Len--- knee replacements and back surgery. We found, in every case, people to be very supportive. Even when in areas where we were not familiar. In one instance we were gate guarding and the company worked with us in finding temp relief. How good you are working with supportive folks also. George is probably right.....get it tended to now and over with. We are keeping you both in our prayers.

  3. I have been following via FB. Glad to hear things are getting better. I am with George, I would vote to take action at the soonest rather than at "some Point".

  4. Oh my goodness Laurie. How awful What would cause such a thing? I don't do facebook so I had no idea. We well know hospitals are scary places. So glad to see George sitting up. Our thoughts are with you both.

  5. I'm glad you are also able to get some rest. This sounds like just like what Paul Dahl had, doesn't it? The doctor at Custer was on the ball and realized it was potentially something very serious. Keep us informed and we're thinking of you both. By the way, that just might be the hospital I was born in (if it is old enough)

  6. Were glad they found the problem for George and hope he recovers quickly. Just concerned that they didn't fix the problem immediately but that will take a longer healing time as well.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  7. We also don't do facebook so this is the first we heard. So glad to hear that they found the problem and George is doing much better. Scary stuff and know how stressful is it. Take care of yourself Laurie while George has plenty of help in the hospital. We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers!

  8. More thoughts and prayers coming from us. Tell George to hang in there. Don't blame him for wanting to get it done asap. Get it over with so he can get on with his life without having to worry about it.

    We know someone who had the procedure done and never had any problems afterwards.

    Jim and Linda

  9. We're so glad this was caught in the early stages and can certainly understand George's desire to have the repair done ASAP. Just get it over with. It's wonderful that the campground is being so supportive -- even going so far as to get you a discounted rate at the hotel. As Bill and Nancy said, be sure to take care of yourself as well during this stressful time. Our prayers continue.

  10. Give George my best. Hope that he's back to normal soon.