Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gate guarding has come to an end..

Sunset RV Park
Fairview, OK

We were hoping to get a new gate
just south of us in Canton,
but it's been delayed a week or two.

Unfortunately that means one less paycheck :(
Also we want to be in Custer by the 15th or so.

we will be leaving here on Saturday.
Sunday through Wednesday we'll be staying at
in Aurora, CO.
Its proximity to Denver makes it nice,
as we're going to visit my son Austin,
and George's sister in law's brother & family :-)

George and I are happy to get out of Oklahoma,
as tornado season is ramping up.
We've tired of the wind and watching the weather.

All that being said..
we definitely will be gate guarding again.
We've been here 4 months
and in that time we grossed $12,450.
After expenses (but NOT after taxes)
we netted a little over $8800.
We earned that amount by
sharing gates for the most part,
and only had 2 gates by ourselves.
Not bad!

We'll be in Custer working at
(formerly Flintstone Bedrock City).
We start on the 11th of May
and we'll be there all summer.
Hope to see some of you while we're there!


  1. Glad you guys won't be sitting in tornado alley anymore. Colorado should be nice if the snow melts!
    Travel safe and enjoy!

  2. Have some fun before you start at Custer. There will be a lot to do in the Black Hills when your there. We'll be there Aug 4th thru the roundup.

  3. Safe travels! We are not sure if we will pass through SD or NE on our way to WY (start 5/20). If we are nearby, we will give you a call! Have a great summer!

  4. SD is so nice! Enjoy your travels and your job there, sounds like an amazing assignment!

  5. I'm so glad we went to that area. You'll love it. Stay safe

  6. Ah, our "home" state SD. As you once were SD residents, sure you know you will like it up there.

  7. Safe travels! Enjoy Colorado. You'll love Custer.

  8. What are the expenses of gate guarding?

    1. Really the only expenses related directly to the job are: some office supplies (pens,pencils,hiliters),specific clothing (fire retardant pants & shirt,hard hat, and safety glasses).We workamp a LOT, so we normally aren't paying for campground, which is an expense for us.

  9. Did you get to take that pretty pink porta-potty with you as a thank you gift for a job well done? :cD

  10. We plan to travel thru your area this summer. We will look you up!