Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bears and bikes

Buffalo Ridge Camp Resort
Custer, SD

Here at the campground, we each work 40 hours per week,
for which we get $8.55/hour plus our sight.
We also received a VIP pass
which gets us into almost all attractions in the area for free.
George and I are off Monday and Tuesday each week.
Yesterday we did some cleaning and I did laundry.
George is still limited to what he can do,
so I'm making sure he's taking it easy :-)

Today we decided to take a ride and visit Bear Country USA.
This is a drive through wildlife park
which is home to several different species of animals.

The road winds around and over cattle guards
so that the animals don't wander into another's habitat.
It was cool to see Elk,
although they were mostly resting.

The reindeer had their babies nearby..

..as well as did the Bighorn Sheep.

All of the animals are molting, making them look a bit shoddy :-)

The only mountain goat I could get a shot of was laying down,
and behind the fence :-(

Then we got to the bears!
There were black bears and grizzlies,
all wandering free (as free as they can get!).

Such magnificent creatures!

The bears are allowed to roam within their own areas,
and among the cars as well.
We're not allowed to roll down the windows,
but the pictures came out pretty good I think.

After the driving areas, at the end is 'Babyland'.
This is where the young are raised after the mommas
have done their job.

There are some real cuties..
a Badger..

..a sleepy Bobcat..

and these cuties!

Of course there was a Red Fox..

..and an Arctic Wolf.

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals.
They look very healthy and happy there.

Afterwards we drove north into Sturgis.
George wanted to check out the area before 
all the motorcycles show up in August.

With our VIP passes, we got into the 

It was pretty cool!

There were antique bikes by Harley Davidson,
Indian, Honda, and others.

George really liked it :-)

By that time we were hungry!
We looked up on our app 'TV Food Maps'
a place in Sturgis that was on Food Paradise.
The Knuckle Saloon fit the bill!

George is on a limited list of foods for now,
but he can have a hamburger,
as long as he has no raw veggies on it.
He cannot have fries either, 
but had mashed potatoes instead.
Oh boy, did he have a burger!

It was the Knuckle Sandwich!
Mine was the Murtha Burger.
It had Jalapeno Jelly and cream cheese on it.

It was a great place, especially since we were the only ones there!

Give it a couple months, and there'll be thousands :-)


  1. We totally loved Bear Country!! Glad to see George is doing better!

  2. Those pics are really good. Glad George is doing better. Keep up the loving care gal.

  3. Best time to see Sturgis. We drove the rig hrough the week before the rally and it was a zoo. That is a HUGE burger.

  4. Great pictures. Glad that George is doing better. My Dad had the same thing.

  5. George looks pretty good for all he's been through. Hope he didn't strain himself lifting that burger! :c)

  6. The VIP pass is great. It'll save you money and there is lots to see in the area.

  7. What a fun day, and what a great perk with that VIP pass! Good time to check out Sturgis before the masses arrive. You're doing a good job keeping George occupied so he doesn't stew about washing the truck. :)

  8. That sounds like a pretty good gig you have up there. Glad to see you both out having fun.

  9. That place sure has a lot to see. Glad to see George is out and about.