Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oh yum, fried chicken!

Stonegate RV Park
Okarche, OK

We finished our last shared gate in a short 5 days, 
with George and I only working 3 half shifts.
There was a day between then we started on another one.
For now we're sharing again, 
but supposedly there are a few more getting ready to open.

The wind for 3 days straight was so frightful
that we kept our bedroom and one living room slide closed.
The sustaining winds were upwards of 28 mph,
with gusts of 45-50!
At the gate they pull the crane down for safety.
We got lucky and the storms that brought
tornadoes and flooding to parts south of us
skirted around us :-)
Yesterday was beautiful in fact, sunny, warm and white puffy clouds!

We took the time on our day off to do some grocery shopping
at the closest Walmart in El Reno.
After putting everything away,
we didn't want to cook..:-)

George and I had heard about this local joint in Okarche
called Eischen's bar.
We have an app on our phone called TV Food Maps.
Our favorite shows are the ones on the Food Network,
so we can find interesting restaurants where we travel.

Okarche is a cool little town..

This restaurant has been here since 1896,
and you can read all about it on the link above.

It's pretty cool inside..

In 1993 Eischens caught fire and pretty much all that was left
was this beautiful back bar piece that had been
in the building since 1950.
They were able to save it,
and it's on display with some other mementos from the time.

Guy Fieri featured this place on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives
back in 2009 (click the link to watch the short piece about it).

All the hype didn't disappoint!
They have a very limited menu,
but it makes the choices easier :-)

George ordered Frito Pie,
which was Fritos, chili, and grated cheese.

He said it was great!
I had to have their famous fried chicken.
For $14 you get a whole fried chicken, 8 pieces in all.

I have to admit, I only left 2 pieces to bring home :-)
The chicken came out so hot from the fryer I could barely bite into it. 
The outside was crispy, but light, 
and the chicken was tasty and perfectly cooked.
 Not sure how they seasoned it, but it was perfect! 

Hopefully we can go there again before we leave the area :-)


  1. I must admit that one thing I really miss in my no oil life these days is fried chicken. Looks yummy. Glad to hear the really bad weather missed you but wow those are some winds. We've had to live a few days with our slides in too and it's difficult but doable.

  2. Glad your weather has calmed down. We had high winds Sunday afternoon and the dust was pretty thick in the air.

  3. I am glad you enjoyed your meals at Eischen's! Many memories with family and friends have been made there. Hope the winds remain calm for you!

  4. There ought to be a rule preventing bloggers from posting pictures of fried chicken. Now I have to find a KFC quickly to stop my drooling... :cD

  5. If the above posters ever had chicken from Eischens they would not ever want KFC again. Their chicken dinner cracks me up.....fried chicken, white bread, dill pickles and onions. Yea, limited menu but it does not slow down their business.

    1. I don't think I'll ever get KFC again!

    2. Desperate times call for desperate measures! :cD

  6. I'm drooling. It's been a long time since I had fried chicken from anywhere! I'm like Paul. Might have to go to KFC :)

  7. Thanks for the mention of our app TVFoodMaps!