Sunday, March 6, 2016

New gate, new area

Stonegate RV Park
Okarche, OK

We got settled in right away to our new area for the moment.
I have to say the 'park' is much nicer than the one in Watonga.
At least we have room to breathe, 
and nice pasture land with wind turbines surround us.

Oklahoma sure makes use of the constant wind here!

George and I started a new gate the day after we arrived.
Our boss sent all 3 couples up to this area,
and we shared a gate for the short 5 days it was being fracked.
Each of us made enough money to at least pay the rent for the month,
but that was about it :-(

We sure aren't thrilled that we're not making the money
we thought we would,
but it is more than we'd make if we were workamping for site.
We've already made more than half of what we made at Amazon,
and we've only been doing this for 6 weeks!

I won't get into a discussion about the effects of fracking.
We hear both sides to the story of course,
and we are helping our life on the road by helping in the industry.

So now we sit, in the wind (grrr), and wait for the next gate.
Okarche is a small little town,
but we are going to go to one of its claims to fame..
We want to try some of their 'world famous' fried chicken :-)

We'll let you know how that turns out!


  1. Hope the money picks up soon to better meet your expectations. In the meantime, eat a chicken leg for me. :-)

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well enough to make it worthwhile. Although I don't understand why they sent all 3 couples up there for one gates or even why they have 3 couples if they don't have enough work for everyone.

  3. With the falling oil prices it's making it hard for everyone in the oil industry. But it sure is making us happy at the gas pump! :c)

    Hope you get a much better gate soon, money talks.

  4. If we ever thought about getting into gate guarding again, hearing your situation sure has put us straight. Maybe you (we) will get lucky and be sent our way.