Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Busy working!

Stonegate RV Park
Okarche, OK

Hope everyone had a great Easter!
George brought me home some nice roses,
and I made a ham, scalloped potatoes, and veggies
for our quick night off.

As we have found out here in Oklahoma,
sometimes when you least expect it
it's back to work.
Last blog (two weeks ago!)
we had just finished working a gate.
We had one day off,
and started another shared gate on the 17th.
It's a bit of a drive, about 31 miles one way,
but we didn't want to move to another park just yet.
George and I are working with another couple this time,
they are working noon to midnight, and we are
taking the midnight to noon shift.
It's been working out pretty well, 
with George and I swapping every other day
so we both keep up with our sleep.

I got some nice shots of the sunrises there..

..and the fields surrounding it.

We just found out that this gate will end at 6 pm tonight,
so our last shift ended at noon.
There is a lot of we hear...
so it's a matter of time before our next gate.

Time is going by pretty quickly.
Another month and a half we'll be heading to Custer!


  1. Hope the money is turning out to be worth the work with the gates. I'll be interested to know your over all evaluation once you are finished and whether you will do it again. I know you will be glad to get to Custer. What a great area that is.

  2. Thinking it's a good thing you didn't move the rig closer.

  3. Hope your time goes fast. You'll enjoy the Black Hills.

  4. Be careful with the weather. It's tornado season in Oklahoma.

  5. If nothing else, with the gate guarding with changes have taught you how to be flexible. Hopefully your sleep catches up to the different schedules. I'm tired just thinking how you do it all! ;c)