Saturday, January 2, 2016

Some shopping to do

Escapees Rainbows End
Livingston, TX

Since we've been here in Texas,
the two of us have been busy catching up
on chores and other things.

I finally got a week's worth of laundry done.
We purged some never used clothing out of our closet, shelves,
and under bed storage.
This was something I do at least once a year,
but have a hard time getting George to do.
This time, HE suggested it!

We reduced a lot of space bags to just 3!

We had two big contractor bags full of clothing
that we dropped off to Goodwill.
I joked to George, now no replacing this stuff!

New Year's Eve night we watched movies,
and actually stayed up to midnight.
Being in central time, we watched the ball drop
in New York at 11 pm :-)
After that we watched the Houston festivities
since being in our 'home' zip code 
we can watch local stations on our Direct TV satellite.

Yesterday we drove down to Cypress,
which is just north west of Houston,
to visit George's brother Bill, 
and his wife Connie.
We got caught up with them,
and then we all went out to lunch
at a great Mexican restaurant.

We'll be spending more time with them in the next 2 weeks.

Today we need to stock up on groceries...
and my Mom gave us a nice check for Christmas,
so we have some things on our respective lists
that we want to shop for.

Our gate guarding job requires a few things as well..
flame retardant clothing,
hard hat,
steel toe boots..
so that's on our shopping list too.
We will get reimbursed partially for these things.

Weather here has been chilly, in 50's,
and has been raining off and on.
Supposed to get warmer by week's end..hurray!


  1. I've been purging clothes too! Went through and weeded out everything that's too big for me. I have it in a couple bags in the truck because I am a little nervous about getting rid of it too soon. Gonna make sure I maintain for a while before I take that leap!

    I am interested to hear how your new job goes. Hope the weather gets nicer for you! :)

  2. Glad to read that you're enjoying the New Year.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

  3. It's always good to purge once in a while. Sounds like you're enjoying your time off. We, too, are interested to hear how the new job goes!

  4. Always good to have more space especially since you have to fill it with steel toed boots and a hard hat. Those things and the flame retardant clothing makes me worry about what this new job entails. George and his brother definitely resemble each other. So nice that you can spend some time with them.

  5. Tell Jessica up there to hush her mouth.....getting rid of clothes that are too BIG! Wish I had that problem.

    Curious, is the GG job at a shack or out of your rig. I know many companies no longer do the rig thing. Don't think I'd be liking that. I guess we were spoiled.

    1. We'll be in a guard shack. It's a bit less convenient, but no dirt in the RV !

  6. You can't order those items from Amazon??? :cD

    1. Lol, well we DID end up ordering from Amazon as Boot Barn was veeerrrry expensive :)

  7. We really need to do some major purging in our motorhome, but mostly we're purging at my Mom's house. The gate guarding sounds interesting. Can't wait for your reports.

  8. Isn't strange that with a limited wardrobe as full-timers you still have clothes you don't ware.

  9. Welcome to TEXAS. We're back in Rockport this winter