Monday, August 3, 2015

Gates of the Mountains

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Once a month or so we drive to Helena 
to do our major grocery shopping,
get a hair cut and pedicure,
and anything else that we can only do in a bigger metropolis.

This morning we took off at 7 am so that I could get a pedicure first.
Ahh, feel much better :-)

We've also been wanting to go on a boat cruise up the Missouri river,
The first departure time is 11 am, so we bought our tickets
and waited to board the Canyon Voyager.

There is also another boat which they also used 
as there were a lot of people today.

We started off at the marina in 
Holter lake.

Holter Dam was built on the Missouri river
in 1908 to help generate power. 
As we traveled north,
the rock canyon loomed above us..

Lewis & Clark traveled these same waters back in the early 1800's.
As they were on their journey, they came upon a section
that reminded them of  'Gates of the Mountains',
and so it is aptly named.

Along the canyon is towering rock formations
made of limestone and granite.

There are a lot of Cliff Swallow nests under some of the ledges..

We really enjoyed being able to sit outside in the sun..

We were excited to see a few bald eagles along the river..

Some of the formations and caves in the limestone
have some interesting looks..
can you see this one?

Our boat captain pointed out this..
a Common Merganser female..

We also got to see some 'smearings' by
an indian tribe's Shaman..

 About an hour into our ride, we saw the second boat coming back..

 ..and another bald eagle!

As I was looking behind us, I spotted an eagle
looking for some dinner.
I barely got a shot of him as he grabbed a fish.

We were surprised to be able to see an eagle's nest,
with a juvenile right above it..see it?

George and I had a great 2 hour ride 
with some terrific sightings!
It was definitely worth the $14 per ticket.

We ended the day picking up groceries before we headed home.

5 more weeks to work here in Montana, 
then we're rolling again!


  1. I can't believe you only have 5 more weeks. Beautiful pictures of the "gates". What magnificent scenery. Those are great bald eagle pictures. I've never gotten one of him standing straight up so you can see his white legs. Really love that one and the fish catch. That's fast photography. You have had quite a summer.

  2. A terrific excursion! Love it when you get to see nature at its finest...loved the eagle sightings, too.

  3. Wow so gorgeous! I have only seen a bald eagle a couple of times. You got some great shots!

    Can't believe it's almost time for Amazon already. Eight months sounds like such a long time when we get done in December. But it goes by like a flash. We'll be seeing you soon. :)

  4. We like boat tours, and will remember this one if we get to Helena. We went thru the Lewis and Clark interpretive Center in Grand Rapids. It was very interesting.

  5. Looks like it was a nice boat trip. Beautiful area. Summer has gone by so fast. We're done to 4 weeks. Enjoy the rest of your time in MT.

  6. That was a day and money well spent! You were pretty quick snapping that eagle picture. Impressive reflexes I'd say. :c)

  7. Great sightings on your boat ride! Definitely well worth the ticket price. And I love the "face" on that rock formation.