Sunday, July 5, 2015

A small town Fourth

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Before I start the update,
I have to mention..
we were one of the featured blogs in the
RV Travel Newsletter!
If you scroll about 3/4 of the way down, you'll see it :-)

Haven't been too busy this week until Friday.
Since civilization is over an hour drive away,
we save our major grocery shopping for once a month.

We took the trek to Helena as we had scheduled annual eye appointments
at the Walmart Vision center there.
It was great one stop shopping,
as I got a pedicure, haircut, eyes tested, and a few groceries in one place!

The campground really filled up starting Thursday for the holiday weekend.
This place not only has full hookup sites with either 30 or 50 amp,
but water & electric only, and tent sites as well.

One thing we enjoy is small town life and the way they celebrate holidays.
Yesterday was no exception.
It started out with a small parade at 10:30.
We rode our bikes into town to take a look.

It was already pretty hot, so we found a place to sit on the curb
under the shade of a small tree.

Before long we could hear the sirens of the local law enforcement,
signaling the start of the parade.

This really is a small community,
with approximately 900 residents,
so there were only two floats and no bands.

This float depicted early Montana life..

with this cutie on it..

Of course there were old cars..

and the people were tossing candy out
to the kids..and George..

Even Smokey was there!

The parade is so short, it goes north on 89,
then turns around and comes south.
Get to see it twice :-)

After the parade, we rode back to the campground,
then drove up to the fairgrounds

This rodeo is for the local ranchers, not professionals.
It is a hoot!

We got to see calf roping..

 ..and in between events a wonderful tribute to the flag,
and the Pledge of Allegiance.

There were some cute cowboys :-)

A great event was the wild calf milking.
1 member of the teams of 4 had to rope the calf,
then one of them held the head, another the legs,
and one had to milk just enough in a small container.

Then they ran over to the judge with the container and the rope,
and it was all timed.
The winners did it in 1.07!
It was quite comical.

There was also a herding competition..

The ranchers had to start at one end, spin around,
then herd the calves through two barrels.
Unfortunately we missed the first part of the rodeo 
where there was mutton busting..
kids riding sheep.
Darn! :-(

The evening was capped off by a great
 ice cream social at the campground.
We all gathered in front of the clubhouse
to watch the local fireworks,
they were spectacular!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth!!


  1. LOL I thought the town where I grew up had small town parades, but this place beats it easily. It's great though, fun to experience. I wouldn't want to live in a small town full time though.

    You are looking good!!

  2. You have to love small town America! Sounds like a fun day.

  3. Congratulations on your mention in RV Travel Newsletter. How did they find you? I love that the parade went down and then turned around and came back. Love the local rodeo too. Feel sorry for the cattle though. Tough 4th for them. But the ice cream social would be my favorite part of the 4th. Amazing that such a small town can have great fire works. The Charlottesville are has at least 40,000 people between the city and surrounding counties and they are always whining about not having the money for fireworks.

  4. Never saw a parade that did a U turn and came back! Too funny! Nice day you had, small towns sure know how to celebrate the Fourth. :c)

    Well deserved, being listed in RV Travel Newsletter!

  5. We like finding festivals in small towns. Went to a Mardi Gras parade that did a figure 8 route so they went by twice (double the beads & moon pies).

  6. Now that is a wonderful way to celebrate the 4th!! Love small town America:o))

  7. Gotta love those small town celebrations. Too funny!

    How cool to be mentioned in the RV Travel Newsletter!