Thursday, June 18, 2015

One month down

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

We can't believe it's been a month since we've been here.
We've only scratched the surface of what we want to see
while we're here in Montana.

This past week has been quiet,
but the park gets pretty full on the weekends now.
We find that most people are on their way to or from Glacier,
or even Alaska.
Everyone has great stories to tell :-)

One day last week George and I decided to go on a picnic.
We stopped at the local market and bought some
summer sausage, cheese, tortilla chips
and some drinks and headed out.
We both really like the reservoir nearby,
and as it was the weekend,
we watched quite a few water skiers.

There's always cows and steer grazing the hills..
although this bunch looked pretty lazy :-)

We found a great little spot away from the crowds
to set up our picnic..

George was trying to spot some bald eagles,
but to no avail :-(
We think there was too much action on the water.

Almost every night there is a beautiful sunset.
Most of the time I'm already in jammies to go out
and take pictures.
The sun doesn't go down until almost 10 pm!

We're planning some sight seeing trips for
later in the summer.
Glacier for one,
and the Beartooth Highway for another.
Both will require some hotel stays,
we don't want to pull stakes and take the RV.

We're loving Montana!


  1. It's okay to love Montana, just don't love it too much. Winter won't be as much fun... ;c)

  2. You will love the Beartooth Highway. When we drove it, it had just opened from the winter the week before. And that was in June! Snow on sides of road higher than the truck....much higher. What's not to love about Montana.

  3. We've driven the Beartooth Highway a couple of times. It is great! Glacier is my favorite national park - the GTTS road - the Many Glacier area - the boat rides - Trail of the Cedars - etc. - etc.! Enjoy!

  4. Be sure to drive Chief Joseph scenic highway. Glacier is my favorite park!

  5. Isn't it crazy how fast the months are going?! Won't be long and we'll be seeing you in Campbellsville. :)

  6. We loved Montana too and Glacier was fantastic although in keeping with our charmed lives, I broke my ankle there in 2011. So somehow I have to figure out how to get back there.

  7. Beautiful sunset! Glad you are getting out to explore. Still haven't seen any Bald Eagles, just a lot of Ravens picking up trash. Glacier is a favorite of ours. Make sure the Road to the Sun is open before going!

  8. Montana is on my bucket list. I always wanted to visit that state since I was a kid. Love the photos!