Saturday, June 6, 2015

A little trip to Helena to explore

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

The days are getting nicer here even though seems like
every afternoon to early evening a thunderstorm pops up.
Sally got a cool picture of a spring storm,
and Harvey happened to be in the picture :-)

We're seeing more wildlife around the campground.
This fuzzy guy loves munching on the flowers..

An owl family has moved from a tree nearby to the steeple of a local church..


We're also seeing this bluebird building a nest
in one of the boxes in the campground..

Yesterday we took a ride to Helena,
which is about an hour or so northwest of us.
On the way we stopped in Townsend
to check out Mountie Moose bakery.
It was donut day!
I got a great one, and so did George.

After satisfying our sweet tooth,
we moved on to Helena, the capital of Montana.
We first stopped at the Montana Historical Society,
There are great exhibits on Charlie Russell's art,
Lewis & Clark, and Montana history in general.
We also took a ride on the little train,
to get an overview of the history of the city.

As you can see it doesn't run on tracks, but rubber wheels :-)
It was an interesting tour, but didn't stop at all to take pictures.
The conductor took us past the capitol building.

The Greek architecture is beautiful.
The building was dedicated in 1902.
Inside, the stained glass in the dome and in the windows 
make beautiful colors!


After we toured the Capitol building,
we drove the truck to the downtown area,
found a good place to park,
and walked the downtown mall.
Love the old buildings!

This is a lovely area, with shops and restaurants.

A couple of beautiful murals about women in Montana are painted 
on buildings..

Our afternoon ended with good food at 

We both had delicious salads
and local Montana beer.

We really enjoyed Helena, and will go back to explore some more.

Today we're relaxing, no doubt sitting outside as there is a warming trend coming. 
Supposed to be in the 80's this weekend!
We also have some good friends stopping through on their way home :-)


  1. I just love coming across those local murals as we travel. So authentic!

  2. Your pictures of the owls are priceless! They are such interesting birds and not seen too often. I'm envious.

    So nice to see you enjoying such a beautiful area! :c)

  3. Love the capital cities in the mid-west. They just are so much less crowded and welcoming!! Great wildlife photos:o))

  4. Sounds like a great day of exploring. The wildlife photos are beautiful, especially the owls! So glad you're enjoying the beauty of Montana.

  5. I really like all of your neighbors. Clearly you are living in a great place. Nice choice! Really cute picture of you. Are you trying to decide which of the two you'll drink or whether George is out of luck? HA!

  6. Looks like some great neighbors in your neck of the woods.

  7. The state Capitol is now on our list:) Thanks