Friday, May 15, 2015


Buffalo Run Campground
Island Park, ID

The whole reason we decided to stop here
at Buffalo Run,
was its proximity to Yellowstone..
and the price.. $34.00/night.
The RV parks closer to the national park are upwards of $55/night and up!

Yesterday we got up early,
and made the trek to the west entrance of the park.
It's about a 30 mile drive,
and goes through the town of West Yellowstone.
It was nice to get into the park free with our America the Beautiful senior pass.
They charge $25 per vehicle per day otherwise!

First order of business was to have breakfast buffet
at the Old Faithful Inn.

For $13.00 per person the food was great!

The Inn is right next to the Old Faithful geyser
and the beautiful new Visitors center.

We had enough time to check the VC out before
Old Faithful was scheduled to erupt again.
The geyser erupts every 35-120 minutes.
It's amazing that geologists can predict it within +/- 10 minutes.

While we waited for the 'show',
some local critters amused us..

...then the geyser started up..

It was pretty spectacular!

This whole area of Yellowstone is filled with
Hydrothermal Systems.
You can read about the geology of the area here.
There are miles of boardwalks and trails that you can walk on
to be 'up close and personal' with most of these features.
Despite my sciatica issues (which are still aggravating me),
we went on most of the trails & boardwalks.
Here are just a few of the wonderful sites:

We got our fill of the hot springs, pools, and geysers,
so decided to take a ride up to the northern part of the park.
The literature we received at the entrance station
said that this area will afford more views of the wildlife.
This route takes you up to Mammoth Hot Springs.

The scenery on the way north is just beautiful!
There are a lot of pull off areas to take it all in.

Unfortunately the road to Mammoth Hot Springs
was riddled with 7 miles of construction.
There were 2 different areas with single lane and 30 minute waits :-(
By the time we got to mammoth,
we were exhausted, so we didn't stop for pictures.
We wanted to keep going on the Tower/Roosevelt loop.
We drove a few miles, then found out we couldn't go all the way around.
Part of the loop wasn't open until 5/22 :-(
So..that means taking the Mammoth road again,
through the same construction.
we would have missed these great scenes..

..and these cuties..

It was a long day, lots of driving, lots of walking,
and lots of pictures!
We ended our day in West Yellowstone,
and caught a bite to eat at Buffalo Bar,
where we snacked on buffalo nachos :-)

Today we've been lounging around and resting my leg.
It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow,
but Sunday looks good for more exploring,
there are some fellow RVers in town working.
I see some socializing in our future before we leave :-)


  1. It looks like it's a couple degrees cooler there than it is here in Tennessee :)
    That looks like a great, reasonably priced park to stay in while checking out Yellowstone. I'm going to bookmark this post for future reference :)

    Have fun socializing!

  2. Beautiful Photos...lucky you to see the bears!!

  3. Oh WOW, you saw the bears. That's reason enough to go to Yellowstone early. We were there for 2 weeks at several campgrounds (mammoth hot springs was our favorite) and never saw the bears. I'd put up with 30 minute construction delays to see the wildlife you saw. Great pictures! Hope your back will continue to improve with the rest.

  4. What a great day! I'm very jealous. Back in June 2008 we tried to visit Yellowstone but couldn't get in because of the snow. So it's still waiting on our bucket list.

  5. We didn't make it to Mammoth Hot Springs last year. We'll get there this year. Hope to see bears like you did!

  6. We have visited Yellowstone three times and it is definitely one of our favs. Lucky you seeing those grizzlies, we saw one grizzly only with the help of one persons high powered viewing scope.

  7. This sure does bring back great memories with my parents. We look forward to getting out that way one of these years!

    Beautiful wildlife photos! Good thing you had to turn around and backtrack.

  8. Glad you got to see some Grizzlies! We will have to check out that breakfast buffet.

  9. Love the critters. It was certainly worth the drive.