Monday, May 11, 2015

We're rolling!

Imperial Manor Mobile Home Park
Citrus Heights, CA

Yes, you read right, we're parked in a mobile home park :-)
Hey, they take Passport America and at $17.50/night, who cares who
your neighbor is!

Today we left our 'home' in Morgan Hill, CA for
the last 4 months to begin heading to our next gig in Montana.

Our first travel day was a short (for us!) 145 miles.
We came to this area to visit my lifelong friend, Maryjane.
We grew up together, and she's my younger son Austin's godmother.
Today happens to be her birthday,
so we all went out for a great meal at a Mexican restaurant.

Tomorrow we're having more of a PDD day, 409 miles.
We want to make it over Donner pass, and make our way
to an overnight in Elko, NV.
If it's not too cold at night, we'll be in a Walmart :-)


  1. We have stayed in a couple mobile home parks that had a few rv spaces. It felt a little weird to look at the street and see all permanent places. :)

    Glad that your travels are off to a good start!

  2. We stayed in a mobile home park too and had to drive down off the curb. No driveway, not fun. 400 miles and a Walmart sounds like not too much fun either. Safe travels.

  3. Hope your drive is very uneventful and the mountains only seem like baby hills :)

  4. I like $17.50/night too. Looks like a nice spot for a night or two.
    409 miles! That's 2 to 3 days of travel for us!

    Enjoy the scenery and have safe travels.

  5. Four months is a good stay but the old hitch itch is really in gear. Nice your on the move and hope you're sciatic is better for that long drive. Safe Travels