Sunday, May 17, 2015

'Vacation' is over..

Buffalo Run Campground
Island Park, ID

Our week between jobs went by fast!
We've really enjoyed our time here,
and definitely will come back again.
Thursday was our only day in Yellowstone.
We had decided to rest up a bit on Friday,
planning on going back on Saturday.
we woke up on Saturday morning to this:

We ended up staying in all day, watching movies.
By the end of the day there was 5"!

Today all the snow was gone already,
and it was 55 degrees outside!
George and I took off to explore the town of West Yellowstone,
which is just outside the west entrance to the National Park.
According to their website, there's only 1200 residents year round.
This number swells to over 10,000 per day in the summer!
I'm so glad we were here this time of year :-)

We pulled into the Yellowstone Historic Center,
paid our senior rate of $5.00 each,
and walked around checking the place out.

The center is housed in the original Union Pacific train depot,
where passengers would disembark the train,
then take a stagecoach into the park.
It took 5 days by stagecoach to see the whole park!

 George decided to pose by 'Old Snaggletooth',
a famous park bear who got shot by poachers at the dump in 1970.

We also walked around town a bit.
A lot of the stores aren't open for the season yet,
but we really enjoyed the 'old west' feel to the town.

One of the reasons we went into town,
was to meet up with Dan & Jonelle.
They are fellow full timers,
and we first met them in Florida 
when a bunch of us met up for lunch.
They worked at Amazon as well,
and we stayed in the same campground in KY.
Dan & Jonelle are currently working in a gift shop in town for the summer.

We all met up at a great pizza place called Wild West Pizzeria.

It was really great seeing them again!
We talked a lot about our future plans,
places to workamp, etc.
George and I are really interested in coming back to this area
to work some summer.

Afterwards we checked out the Visitors Center,
then we were all wanting some huckleberry ice cream :-)
There is a cool little store/gas station in town
called Eagle's.
They've been there for over 100 years,
and it is pretty cool inside!

We sat at the original soda fountain,
and had some great huckleberry ice cream.

I think all of us had a great time!

Tomorrow it's time for us to head north,
only 195 miles, a short day :-)
We'll be at our summer gig,
and are looking forward to it!


  1. Oh, I would have liked to join y'all, but the road for us to get there semi-easily is still closed....have a safe trip north and have fun!

  2. It is so cool to meet people you've worked with before. What a great life we live!

  3. It's a wonderful life....we miss it! Loved Yellowstone, one of our favorite places...At least we can still read about these great places out west thru our RVer friends!

  4. Sounds like the perfect time to visit Yellowstone. Love your header picture.

  5. Wish we could have gotten together but the timing with our days off were bad. We will be closer to you later this summer I believe. Hopefully we can make it happen then. Safe travels.

  6. Gorgeous header picture. I'm LOL at 195 miles, a short day. You are Paul's understudy. Hope you like your new job. Travel safely on your "short day".

  7. we will have to check it out when we are there in July

  8. So in the last week you've been through all four seasons?

  9. I agree with Sherry, the new header pic is awesome. You and George got in some great sightseeing in Yellowstone. Good luck with the new job.

  10. That week sure went by fast! :)
    I have to agree, your header is awesome!
    Enjoy your summer. You are sure in a beautiful place.

  11. Snow on the truck! How long did it take for George to wash it and get it back to its normal shine? ;c)

  12. It was great seeing you two. Enjoy your summer and make sure you visit Glacier National Park (after the road to the sun opens). We will have to check out the museum in town, and go for more ice cream!