Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial day...and a great sighting!

Conestoga Campground
White Sulphur Springs, MT

Since my last post we've been relaxing and watching the rain fall :)
It has rained the last 4 days out of 5.
Sure makes the mountains green!

The Killdeer babies have hatched and are gone..

Gordon is happy, he had blocked off the site they occupied :-)

Sunday we went to the local Lutheran church,
American Lutheran.
It is a 'yoked' congregation,
meaning the Presbyterian church and Lutheran church share.
I'm Lutheran, so it works for me!
They were very welcoming,
and asked if I would sing in the choir for the summer.
Sure :-)
Afterwards we went out for breakfast at the local
'truck stop cafe' for their buffet.
It was excellent!

Yesterday we took another drive as the weather was cooperating.
Our destination was to check out Castle Ghost Town.
George drove south on Highway 89, and turned onto MT 294
towards Lennep.
It's a beautiful drive through the rolling hills,
with the snowy mountaintops in the background.
As we were driving I was looking for wildlife,
and all of a sudden, I yelled for George to stop!
Good thing there were absolutely no cars on this stretch of road,
as this is what we saw..

What a thrill!!

We continued on, and got to the little town of Lennep,
It too is a ghost town, which once housed a Lutheran church,
general store, and post office.

At this junction we had to drive 7 miles on a dirt road (oh my!)
to get to Castle ghost town.
George was very willing, despite the look of what was ahead..

As we drove up the road,
we saw a few creatures..

and not so wild..

 It was a beautiful drive,
we thoroughly enjoyed the scenery.
Unfortunately, 2 miles up the dirt road, it became very muddy,
and we were concerned about the conditions.
We never made it to Castle, but will try again when the roads are passable.

It's off to work today...raining again...good to be inside!


  1. The killdeer are so cute. Really wonderful of the campground to protect them. A bald eagle on Memorial Day now that's top notch.

  2. Great shot of the eagle. Love exploring all those ghost towns and back roads.

  3. Cool sighting on Memorial Day! Bet we know what George did after you got back from driving down that dirt road. . . . :-)

  4. Great Wildlife photos!!! The eagle sighting is wonderful:o))

  5. What an amazing sight and the eagle stayed still long enough for you to get a great picture! :c)

  6. Montana is so beautiful. Love all the wildlife photos. Lucky you!

  7. Great pictures. We love driving around looking for wildlife.