Thursday, March 26, 2015

Got our space back to ourselves :-)

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

George got up at 3:30 to get 'the kids' moving
to get them to the airport by 5 am.
I did wake up and say goodbye,
but there was no way I could have gotten back to sleep.
I dove in and started laundry, stripped sheets,
and generally got 'our space' back.
The old adage '6 for drinks, 4 for dinner, 2 for sleeping' is SO true!

We've had a great time, however.
My cousin Kelly, and her husband Gary drove up
from Bakersfield on Sunday to stay a week in their Redwood fifth-wheel.
Along with them were there good friends Gina & Rusty
with their little Sprinter trailer.

I made plans to take a wine tour in a stretch limo with everyone.
Connie & Greg came as well to round out 10 passengers.

We made the rounds to 3 different Gilroy wineries,
starting at Fortino's whose sales rep comped all our tasting fees!

Gino Fortino even was there and we took a photo op with him..

 Our second winery was Solis. They had a beautiful tasting room..

...overlooking the picnic area that we used
to have some lunch!
We picked up sandwiches at a local deli,
and Kelly had brought us some delicious cookies
from Smith's bakery in Bakersfield.

Our last stop was at Sarah's vineyard.
The grounds were just lovely,
so they offered to give us our tasting outside.


Yesterday the 4 men went golfing at the Coyote Valley Golf course.
Rusty and Gary are quite good, John had a tough day.
Don't ask George how his game was :-)
He said he made everyone else look fantastic!


While the boys had fun,
so did the girls!
We took off south to San Juan Bautista,
a lovely little town with lots of antique shops,
and of course the mission.


 The four of us also went out for lunch at Dona Esther's, a great Mexican restaurant.
After that we made our way for a little shopping at the Gilroy outlets.

Last night Gary grilled some burgers, and we brought along
some steamed artichokes fresh from the field.

 This afternoon we're taking a ride down to Salinas,
take my Mom's car back (which she so graciously allowed us to borrow!),
and do a little visiting.

We're pooped!!


  1. I like that adage, never heard it before but so true.

    I have to remember you if I ever need an event planner. Maybe a new vocation?

  2. Boy I can see why you are tired. That is a lot of socializing and planning. But a lot of fun too. That's how I always feel when we have lots of company. It's wonderful and I'm so glad but it's tiring and nice to kick back and do nothing for a bit if you can.

  3. Two for sleeping is definitely in our rule book! It's time to relax a bit, for sure.

  4. You're having too much fun out there in CA! Ranger Dave wants you to come back and put you to work, he misses you like we do. ;c)

  5. You may be pooped, but you sure know how to have fun! I am anxious to get out to California so I can taste some of that wine too! :)

  6. Very cool Limo idea. I like to do the wine tasting even though I(ray) don't drink the stuff.

  7. Too fun!! Hope you've had a chance to rest up over the last few days.