Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A bit of family fun!

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Wow, been so busy, the blog took a back seat :-)

Since last time...

Then on Wednesday, my son Austin took us to dinner!

He's gotten a new job in Denver, but needed to fly out to Palo Alto
to meet the tech team.
It was so nice to meet up with him!

Thursday, George's daughter Heather, and her boyfriend John
flew in from Pennsylvania to vacation in California.

We picked them up and took them to Santa Cruz and to see the Pacific.
They were tired, but as soon as we were back to the RV park,
they hit the hot tub..

Friday we lounged around for the most part,
but I took a ride to Salinas to take my Mom to the Urgent care
as she was feeling lousy.
Bad cold :-(

Friday night we got together with Greg and Connie
and played a game called 'Cards against Humanity'.

Very irreverent, but hilarious. We had tears rolling we were laughing so much!

Of course Saturday we worked, and John & Heather
rented a car and toodled around.

Yesterday we drove down to Pebble Beach as
John was lucky enough to get a tee time!

He was so excited!
We wandered around while he warmed up..
then had a beer in the Gallery Cafe :-)
Next thing we know it..he's coming upstairs.
He cancelled his game because the fog was heavy & wet :-(
No comment :-)

The day was not lost as we drove down 17 mile drive,
taking the iconic tourist pictures..

The Lone Cypress..

We eventually made it to Monterey,
where we wandered around the wharf a bit.
The clouds were still overhead, but eventually it cleared up.

The flowers were beautiful!

We ended our day at our favorite place, Phil's.

Today we got up very early and drove into San Francisco.
I snagged us a good deal to park all day for $9.50,
as long as we got there between 9 and 9:59 am.
Well...with heavy commute traffic, we barely made it to the lot in time!

We walked around Pier 39 for awhile,
then took a look at Alcatraz..

We also hopped aboard a double decker bus for a tour of the city.
We had some great views of the Golden Gate Bridge..

and the cable cars..

At one point, Heather & John went their own way,
and George and I walked up to Ghirardelli Square.

We had all ready eaten at Boudin bakery,
a nice sandwich on sourdough bread,
but at Ghirardelli we had ice cream sundaes :-)

We came home exhausted but happy.
Tomorrow we are getting a group together to go wine tasting,
in a limo, no less!

Stay tuned!


  1. Boy you are certainly showing them a great time! I'm not sure the golfer types I know would turn down a T time at Pebble Beach even if it were raining. LOL Ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli make my mouth water. Thanks for not posting a picture to make it worse. What fun you are having. I can hear the happiness in your words. Hope your mom is feeling better. I know she must be so glad to have you near again to help.

  2. You sure have been having a good time. No wonder you haven't had much time to blog.

    Wine tasting in a limo? How cool is that!

  3. You and George are Great Host. Nice pics

  4. Nice that you have time to spend with family. How long did it take George's daughter and boyfriend to thaw out after coming in from snowy PA? ;c)

  5. Cards against Humanity is an interesting name for a game. . . . You must teach us! Sounds like you easily made up for John's cancelled golf game. Great day!

  6. What a great time you had with family! Life is good :)

  7. Never played that card game, but picked lots of them! Was hoping for a photo so the sundae!! Looks like you are having a great time in CA. Hope your mom is doing better!