Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Turtles and Dolphins, oh my!

Jekyll Island Campground
Jekyll Island, GA

What a gorgeous day!

We lounged around on our computers this morning for awhile.
There are a lot of RVers here in this campground, 
and surprisingly a lot of kids riding bikes around.
Don't they go to school!?

George & I hopped on our bikes and rode around
the loops of the campground here.
The roads are dirt, and there are live oaks with Spanish moss everywhere.
Around noon we rode up to Kathy & Paul's motorhome
and invited them to ride with us.
They had a few things to do first, 
so we told them we'd be riding our bikes and give us a call.

In the meantime, 
we rode across the street to the fishing pier.
It was really warm today!

We were thrilled as we were walking the pier,
to see some dolphins in the St. Simons sound!

That was the coolest thing to see!

Once Paul & Kathy met up with us,
we rode the bike trail south to see what we could see.

We came across the Horton House,
a tabby house built in 1743 by Major William Horton.

We continued on until we got to a lovely placed
called the Rah Bar at Latitude 31°.

We had a quick bite, before heading to..

They rehabilitate, research, and educate
about the Georgia sea turtles.
It's quite an interesting place!

We watched them repair a gopher tortoise shell
in the surgery area..

There were some interesting exhibits where we learned
about what affects the turtles habitats.

We also got to see where some of the turtles are kept
until they are ready to be released.

We had a great time, and rode almost 9 miles round trip.
Jekyll Island is the coolest place!

Paul & Kathy came over for dinner this evening,
and we thoroughly enjoyed their company!

Tomorrow we're all going to take a horse & carriage ride!


  1. Wondering, too, when we see kids during school times, Why aren't they in school?
    Maybe those you saw were on Spring break.

    We started off taking bikes along. They got lots of miles on them before we gave them away. All those miles were bungeed to the back ladder.

  2. Those are fabulous dolphin pictures. I have never gotten even one as good as those. What fun to see them. And the sea turtles too. Sea turtles are favorites of min. I guess I'm going to have to put Jekyll Island on my list of place to go to. But I heard the state now wants $40 a night for a site. Sure hope not. That would put it out of our budget.

    1. We actually paid $240.10 for 7 nights which averages to $34.30/night. More than our budget of $20/night, but worth it!

  3. Glad you got to the Turtle center, it really is something to see. Sometimes exceeding your camping budget is worth it, Jekyll Island sure is one of those places.

  4. George and Laurie, we really enjoyed the time we spent with you and I have bookmarked your blog so we can keep up with your adventures!