Friday, April 4, 2014

Saying the first of several goodbyes

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

As the weather warms up here in Florida,
there have been quite a few people exiting
for cooler temps up north.
We see a lot of RVs heading north on Route 19 every day.

A lot of the volunteers are starting to make their preparations to head north as well.
The jobs here end April 15th for the most part,
but some are leaving before that date,
and some a little later.

Last night we got together with quite a few of the volunteers
at one of our favorite places, Gator Joe's.
It's been a great place to sit outside on the pier that juts out into Lake Weir.

We had a great time talking about our future plans,
and all things RVing.

We finally got called to a table, inside..
because it was pretty warm in the sun.

The food was good, the company even better!
We all got a little silly taking pictures :-)

We're going to miss everyone!
Some of them are coming back next year,
a lot of them over 10 years in a row!
We'll be back sometime,
but there's lots of country to see yet.
George and I hope to see everyone somewhere down the road.

We still have 2 more weeks here.
I've had some dentist appointments here,
a cleaning, and some fillings being replaced.
George is starting to get prepared too,
with getting the basement cleaned up, etc.

We're both looking forward to heading north as well!


  1. Sure looks like you have made some wonderful friends. I'm going to put this Gator Joe's on my radar for the next time we are in that area. Wonder who works from April through the summer??? hot, hot, hot I would think.

  2. We, too, like to see new areas and travel to different locations.

    Reminds me of a man I worked with. I started working with him in 2001. He and his wife were on their 9th annual vacation to Disney World. When I retired in 2009 they were still going there every vacation. She refused to go anywhere else. Her reasoning - she knew she liked it there and supposed they went somewhere else and she didn't like it. Then the vacation would have been ruined. GEESH!

  3. We hope to see you this summer in person. :c)

  4. Leaving new friends is always hard, but adventure awaits :)

  5. Sure are a lot of smiles in those pictures. Good times!