Thursday, April 24, 2014

Driftwood Beach

Jekyll Island Campground
Jekyll Island, GA

George and I decided to take it easy today.
We lounged around a bit this morning,
doing some time on the computer & watching morning TV.
Around 11 we got out on our bikes again.
We rode a mile up to the entrance to Driftwood Beach.

This is described as a tree graveyard.
The trees are weathered, and polished by the tides and sand.

George and I walked about 1 1/2 miles looking at all the formations.

There were some interesting jellyfish washed up on shore..

I was amazed at how many trees were there,
they were actually quite lovely.

Later in the afternoon, we drove with Paul & Kathy
over the bridge into Brunswick.
We took some pictures of a American Cruise ship
at the dock.

Turns out it is the same ship my parents will be on this June!

We've had a great time with Paul & Kathy.
They are leaving tomorrow for Savannah,
and we're going to meet up with them there
when we leave here on Monday.


  1. That tree "graveyard" is the coolest thing. We need to work in a stop there. I think we'd really like it.
    Enjoy Savannah. That's on our Fall list :)

  2. What a cool place, enjoy Savannah another great old historic town.

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love the beach at Hunting Island State Park in SC that is like this. Especially early in the morning if there is fog, it is just hauntingly beautiful.

  4. The tree graveyard reminds me of Hunting Island -- so cool.

    Enjoy Savannah. We loved it there.

  5. There used to be a Dolphin Chasing Boat on Jekyll. We used to love to go. It wasn’t a small boat, but it sure could go fast. Such fun.