Sunday, April 27, 2014

A beach day, and some new friends!

Jekyll Island Campground
Jekyll Island, GA

Thursday we stuck around the RV,
doing wash, defrosting the freezer,
and George took out the ice maker to replenish the ice.

Yesterday we took a drive into Brunswick to the local Walmart.
To get there you drive over the Sidney Lanier bridge,
which takes you over the Brunswick river on Route 17.
(picture from internet)

We picked up a hoagie from a great shop,
and proceeded to get set up on the beach
at South Dunes picnic area.

It was another beautiful day in the 80's with a nice breeze to keep us cool.

We saw a couple big ships out in the water
but the pictures didn't turn out very good.

When we got home, I saw we had an email from
some fellow RVers across the row from us.
Joe & Dodie Kiegel wanted to pick our brains
about full-timing. 
They saw our blog address on the back of Harvey!
We wandered across and got a nice tour of their Cedar Creek fifth wheel.
They are hoping to go full time by the end of the year, if their house sells in time.

We had a great time talking, and ended up pooling our dinners together.

They are leaving today to go back to their home in St. Mary's, GA
We hope to see them again down the road!

Today is our last day on the island.
We're going to get one last bike ride in,
then pack up for our departure tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the beach pictures. I am really missing it. Great idea to put your blog address on the back of the Rv. How did you do it? Seems to me there are lots and lots and lots of people fulltiming or getting ready to. Really crowded campgrounds coming soon. :-))

  2. It was nice you were able to meet some future fulltimers.

  3. Love the new "header" photo, and also the "selfie" of you two. The beach looks GREAT!!!! Funny, it wasn't that long ago that a lot of us were picking others' brains about full-timing.
    See ya' soon....

  4. I like the blog address on the rv. Gonna have the give that some consideration. AH! I Montana and a Cedar Creek - my kind of RVs.

  5. I need to go visit Jekyll island! It looks like the perfect place to spend a few days.
    How cool you got to meet your neighbors like that.

  6. It's fun meeting neighbors that sees the blog. It's really good to see new people going fulltime. We have 6 new people this month coming in the chatroom to learn about how to full time. Safe travels!

  7. Great new header photo. You look very lifelike! :cD