Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring sprung :-)

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

Florida spring reminds me of California spring.
Very subtle changes between seasons here.
We've noticed more leaves on trees that
we never noticed had no leaves before.
Of course there is a lot more bird activity
here at the Visitor Center grounds.
I watch a woodpecker going in and out of a hole in one of the live oaks.
The bluebirds that appeared to be looking for a nesting place
have found one somewhere, but thankfully not underneath Harvey :-)
I got a quick shot of a couple of Sand Hill Cranes with their babies..

They were actually at the gas station when we were filling up :-)

Last week we got together with Pat & Diana Brown.
We met them at the RV Dreams rally in North Carolina.

They were staying near us near Ocala,
so we met them at a great pizza place nearby.
We'll be seeing them again at Amazon,
as they are working there for the second year in a row.

Tonight we're getting together with our fellow volunteers
and going out to dinner.
We're all leaving within the next month,
so want to make sure we get our social time in!

My bike riding has slowed down, since it's been in the mid 80's.
I pulled out my Wii and have been working out every morning with Wii Fit.
Yoga, strength, and balance games are keeping me active for now.

Next weekend we're leaving Harvey behind.
A friend of ours who used to RV now lives down in Stuart, FL,
and has invited us down to her beach house for the weekend.
We are anxious to get caught up with her and see the ocean!

One month left here in Florida.
Looking forward to a new backyard :-)


  1. We still need to get together before you leave.

  2. Sounds like the hitch itch has set in. Don't blame you, you've been there a long time. Enjoy your time at the beach. Sounds wonderful.

  3. We made sure the Ranger here at the COE has your site ready. A sure sign of spring! :c)

  4. We like the Stuart area. It's definitely not out in the middle of nowhere :) Check out the Port St Lucie COE park while you're there. It's in Stuart right on the canal and is cheap for us :)

  5. Yes sure does sound like hitch itch and I have it too! We leave in 9 days and I am ready!! :)

    Have a great time on your road trip! I can't even imagine packing a bag for a trip now, it's been so long.

  6. Since we have left Fl I can tell spring is in the air. Although this mourning it is 31' is giving me some doubt. I am missing the warm FL shift to spring. Sounds like a great weekend is coming up, enjoy.

  7. We love Stuart. The water is very clear and pretty there. Enjoy

  8. I miss the changing of the seasons. I especially miss all the early flowers from bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, tulips. But soon here in TX there will be bluebonnets, lots and lots of bluebonnets. Great pics of the Cranes.