Monday, March 10, 2014

Little visitors

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

We've been enjoying a great stretch of Florida weather.
Sure makes doing our outside work more enjoyable!
Of course, it brings out more people,
throwing trash on the forest roads :-(

I've been faithful riding my bike every day that I can,
and I try to push myself to go a little farther each time.
Since I'm riding on the track at the work center behind us,
it does get a bit boring, so I listen to my Ipod :-)

We've noticed a lot more small birds on the grounds here.
Spring is in the air, it must be mating season!

Today we noticed an Eastern Bluebird and his mate,
hanging around the back of the RV.

Once we went inside for the evening,
we noticed them on the ladder as well.

Pretty good gymnastics!

Both of them seem to be looking for a place to nest.
George crawled underneath to make sure they 
aren't preparing a nest in the spare tire.
He didn't see anything, but they sure are hanging around the back.
They also started flying at the window, as apparently
they see their reflections.

With all the trees around here you'd think they could find something nicer!


  1. Maybe they're city birds and are looking for a condo. :)

    Great work with the bike rides!!

  2. They just want to be fulltimers, too... :cD

  3. Love the bird pictures - especially the gymnastics!

  4. Very nice pictures! Another place to check for a nest is the slideout arm. We had a nest there last year and didn't notice it until we got to our next stop. No eggs, thank goodness.

  5. Love the bluebirds, our kids elementary school used to have a kindergarten program where they all made bluebird houses. We used to have them every year.

  6. I agree with slideout arm. We had a Bewick's wren keep building her nest on ours when we were gate guarding. Bob kept tearing it down thinking she'd go elsewhere. She built a nest on both sides. Bob tore them all down. When we got ready to move on, Bob checked the slideouts one more time. Aack! There was a nest with three eggs in it under our slide out. We handed it off to our replacement and he put it under his bumper-pull trailer, but I don't know if our little wren ever found her eggs.

  7. Check your tail pipe too. Bluebirds are among my very favorites. We made a blue bird trail at the farm with a dozen boxes on the farm. It was fun to walk it and check on them.

  8. I don't really know one bird from another :( but the pictures you took of those bluebirds are beautiful! Great job with the bike riding too :)

  9. The Blue Birds usually make their nest in a tree cavity or a man made "Blue Bird Box". Keep an eye on the king pin area, wrens will make a nest there in about an hour flat. I seal ours off with cardboard and duct tape to try to prevent it from becoming a nesting spot.

  10. Amazing how clear your photos are. It looks like high def!