Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another week's flown by

Pittman Visitor Center
Altoona, FL

One week seems like the last here in the forest.
Our work is basically the same,
but there are definite fluctuations.
Some weeks are busier than others with
the amount of people camping,
people on the forest roads, etc.

Last week was Daytona bike week,
so we saw a lot of motorcycles cruising down the highway.
There were quite a few bikes in the campgrounds as well.

George and I are definitely getting hitch-itch.
We look forward to pulling out and taking a 'vacation'
in our next two destinations.

We were happy to be able to see
Nancy & Neil again as they were staying near us
while visiting Neil's sister in The Villages.
We met them at one of our favorite spots,
Gator Joe's.

We've also been socializing with our neighbors Jim & Carol.

The weather is trending warmer now too.
I've been riding my bike nearly every day,
and yesterday reached the 5 mile mark.

We recently put some things on Ebay as well.
Both our old cell phones sold, as well as my old laptop.
They all got pretty good prices.

Every Sunday night we get together with 'the gang'
and play cards or fast track,
and have potluck.

Life is wonderful!


  1. I haven't sold anything on e-Bay for a long time. It's great you got your stuff sold. I guess I need to do some of that.

  2. Keep up that pace on your bike and you'll need to buy a new one on Ebay. Bikes only last so long... ;c)

    We certainly know about the hitch itch. Sad that we will be gone by the time you get here. :c(

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying some nice days! :) The time is going by so fast. Won't be long and you'll be hitching up and moving on.

  4. Here at the gate, the days are long and weeks even longer. But, have to remember why we do this.

    I admire your commitment to biking. My bike had lots of miles on it too. All of it tethered to be RV's back ladder. Finally gave it away.

  5. Been watching your biking progress on Facebook :) You are doing awesome!
    Soon will be vacation time. Maybe you can ride that bike around Savannah :)

  6. Nice work on e-bay. I really have to try it. I think I'm the only person I know who has never bought or sold anything on e-bay. I always worry about buying sight unseen. I have enough trouble getting what I need off of regular internet retailers it seems. Something always has to be sent back. What a paint.

  7. I hope Judy and I have as nice an experience at our new park job as y'all have had there.