Monday, November 4, 2013

Winding down

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

Our week is winding down for our gathering in South Carolina.

A lot of our group left yesterday, but not before getting weighed.
Howard & Linda met a couple rigs in the parking lot and got their scales out.
Jim & Dee and Jim & Judy both got their trucks and rigs checked out.
They were happy to know that they are within the limits!

 A few of us watched the proceedings.

After hugs to all, we decided to take a bike ride down to the causeway.

We saw the typical birds found in that area..

We were very surprised to see two alligators sunning themselves too!

 You never know what you might see at the causeway!

George and I took the rest of the afternoon to complete our online driving test.
Our next workamping job in Florida is for the Ocala National Forest.
We will be driving a Forest Service truck at times, and they require 
us to pass the test before getting behind the wheel.
We passed just fine, and printed out our certificate to take to them this week.

No evening is complete without eating!
A few of us went out to a Chinese Buffet,
and it was good!

I'm sure we will be happy to get back to better eating habits :-)

We all had one last campfire before
Paul & Marti, and Mike & Terri leave today.

Today is our last day here as well.
I'm hoping to get on the beach today,
but it is chilly this morning!


  1. Did you two shrink, it sure looks like it. Glad to see the campfire is still burning. Safe travels when you hit the road south.

  2. Sounds like everyone had a great week, hope you get to enjoy the beach today. We are planning to winter in FL next year and doing some workamping so I'll be interested to see how it goes. Safe travels south.

  3. A wonderful time with friends…glad you are coming to Florida soon. The weather is really getting nicer!

  4. Love your big chair header photo also;o)) Will all those who were at the CC gathering be sporting big chair photos?!?!? Looks like tons of fun was enjoyed by all!!!

  5. You guys look so cute in those chairs. I'm sad to see the gathering end. You've done a great job of taking me along on all the fun times. Thanks so much. Safe travels to Ocala. Salt Springs and Juniper Springs are two of my favorite places. You're going to love it. Travel safely.

  6. Looks like another great week together with great friends! I love the causeway wildlife there. Safe travels!

  7. Darn -- we never did see any gators. Those look like a couple of biggns!

  8. Safe travels to Florida. Maybe we'll run into you some time this winter. We'll be wandering a bit but in the Crystal River area for awhile.