Monday, November 11, 2013

Picking up Florida trash

Pittman Visitors Center
Altoona, FL

Today was our first day to work for the forest service.

We are assigned 6 different areas of the southern Ocala forest.
Some of the areas only need to be checked once a month,
such as Grasshopper Lake..

 ..where we pick up trash on the dirt road that leads to the lake.

We also drive down a 10 mile dirt road (National Forest Service roads)
to pick up trash left by hunters and other idiots :-)

This road leads to the Spring Creek (part of Alexander spring).

Our trash duties also include emptying the bear-proof 'cans'
at the OHV trail at Wiregrass trailhead..

and cleaning the compostable 'pit toilets'
and refilling TP as well.

There is a camping area that we clean as well.
Buck Lake and Farles Prairie.
Buck Lake Recreation Area is a tent-only camping area.
A group of 20 men just vacated the area,
so we had trash bins to empty and pressure wash,
and bathrooms to restock and clean.
They were very tidy guys :-)

We are seeing a lot of birds in the forest.
There is always a lot of Turkey Vultures..

they have such beautiful wingspans for such an ugly bird :-)

But today as we got back out onto the highway,
we were pleasantly surprised to see this!

For us, that was the thrill of a lifetime!

Tomorrow we will attend the monthly safety meeting,
and since our hours are in for the week,
we will be exploring!


  1. Great photos of the Bald Eagle...they are majestic!! So nice to see them more and more:o)) Bet you see a lot of amazing nature traveling those back roads!!

  2. Have you noticed that sand is not only found on the beaches in FL. Looks like you have the workamping thing down pat.

  3. How awesome you saw a bald eagle on Veteran's Day! Cool timing! Looks like you will be busy this winter! :)

  4. Those "uniforms" are great... love the shirts and hats. Looks like that truck you're using has been detailed nicely! :) Traveling those backroads are great, you should see all kinds of wildlife. Beautiful photos of the Bald Eagle! Enjoy your time off.

  5. Wow those eagle pictures are wonderful. Not so sure about cleaning bathrooms but driving the backroads sounds great. I think I could lime a job where my hours for the week are done on Monday!

    1. Make that "like" a job please - sigh..

  6. Very cool eagle pics. Looks like a nice area.

  7. Wonderful pics of the eagle. They are truly majestic!

  8. Your eagle pictures are awesome!
    The look on George's face as he's going into that bathroom is priceless :)

  9. The KS state park we were in could have used someone picking up the trash, that was our only complaint of it. I think we could handle that kind of work. We've been seeing more and more eagles over the years but none so far this trip.

  10. And here I thought you had picked up a hitch-hiker, which is something I wouldn't advise, and not just in Florida.

  11. The shame of it all is that picking up trash is necessary. Can't for the life of me think of why folks think it's okay just to toss their trash anywhere.

  12. Looks like you're work will be a breeze. Seeing the Eagle is great. Enjoy the time there, hopefully we'll see you soon.