Sunday, November 3, 2013

Coming to an end

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

A few more days and our fun will come to an end :-(

The last couple days have been busy, though!

Friday a bunch of us decided to go to the movies,
to see Captain Phillips.
I highly recommend seeing it, as Tom Hanks performance was terrific!

Mike & Terri, Paul & Marti, Kris, Linda, and Dee & Jim all went.

We pretty much had the place to ourselves..

 That evening, we had a potluck, and everyone brought great things to eat.

Yesterday Marti & Dee wanted to do some geocaching,
and I wanted to learn everything about it.
Kris joined us too.
Marti and Dee pulled up the location of the first one,
and we went down and trail and into the woods to find it.

 This one was pretty easy to find, as it wasn't hidden..

Typically inside there is a log to sign in,
and some small trinkets in which to trade.

The next one was a little harder to see..

but Kris found it!

We never did find the third one.
We enjoyed looking, however, 
and got some good exercise and views of the marsh in the meantime.

Last night we decided to 'get rid of the leftovers'..
so we had hot dogs and whatever was leftover that we needed to get rid of.

Some of the guys decided to try and fix Mike's tailgate..

We definitely enjoyed one of our last campfires..

Today we'll bid a fond farewell to over half of our friends.
Dee & Jim and Jim & Judy's rigs are getting weighed on their way out by Howard & Linda.

Paul, Marti, Mike, Terri, Nancy, Neil, and George and I are staying a bit longer.
Today looks like a perfect beach day,
and we may all go out for dinner tonight.

Looking forward to it!


  1. You had an excellent geo-cache teacher with Marti. We like to geo-cache because we seem to find cool places that we would have never found otherwise.

  2. It's been a great week! But it's not over yet for some of us!
    :) :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time together, on to your next adventure!

  4. Love reading about other geocachers.... that's my favorite "sport".... looks like you did very well!

  5. I need some geocacheing education too. So many people enjoy it and I've done it with folks who have fancier equipment than I can afford. Sorry for those who are leaving this grand time and happy for those of you who get to stay. Carry on!!

  6. Enjoy your last days there. Sounds like you've got a nice group left to enjoy what's left of the gathering...have fun!

  7. Now how come you didn't find any real treasure whilst you were out geocaching? ;c)