Friday, November 1, 2013

A little 'Low Country' shrimp boil

Huntington Beach State Park
Murrells Inlet, SC

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday was a little laid back.
We lounged around,
then George worked on our Sea Eagle a bit.
We had a slow leak in the starboard chamber
while paddling yesterday.
He found out that one of the valves had a dent in it
which was allowing air to leak slowly.
He heated it up with a hair dryer, and that fixed it up nicely!

Nancy & Neil asked us out to lunch,
so they picked us up and we drove to
Fresh Market to pick up a few things,
then to Bistro 217 for a great lunch!

When we got back, we sat on the beach for a bit..

There were a lot of Jellyfish that had washed up on the beach..

Later, the group posed for a picture in front of the office.
The park has added some cute oversized adirondack chairs.

Dinner was suggested by Howard..
a shrimp boil!

We set up some Coleman stoves and big pots..

..and threw in ears of corn, chunks of potato,
sausage, and fresh shrimp that Howard picked up right off the boat!

 Everyone was getting their fill of this great feast!

Nothing was left but the 'bones'..

It was another great night of food and friendship,
followed by a campfire late into the evening.


  1. guys are having the most amazing weather for this time of year!!! Love the group photo... lots of great smiles:o))

  2. Boy that boil looks delicious! Love your group picture. So many of you I can hardly see the giant chairs.

  3. Ditto on a "Great Night of Friendship and Food". The fire was pretty awesome to!

  4. Excellent food and fun times! It's been a great week so far. Can't wait to see what's next!

  5. Love the picture! Those chairs are awesome :)
    Now my mouth is watering for a shrimp boil too!

  6. Where did all the shrimp go??? :cD

    Good thing we worked up an appetite climbing on those big chairs...

  7. Love shrimp boils. YUMMY! My only complaint, when Len's family does them in Louisiana they toss in the corn too soon. We like corn on the cob cooked slightly like done in our part on South Jersey. Cook it too much and it's mush! YUK!

    You people are having just TOO much fun.