Sunday, August 18, 2013

Future Plans

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Less than 2 weeks left in Oregon!

A bit of an update:

My Dad had a biopsy on Friday,
and he should get the results tomorrow.

The water company's closing is for sure tomorrow as well. (Yeah, right, I won't hold my breath!)
I had documents to sign, get notarized, and overnight to PA last week.
We're in a small town, so you can imagine what fun that was!

In the meantime, we are firming up our travel plans when we leave here.
Here's our itinerary, written in Jello:

  • August 31 - Hebo, OR to La Grande, OR - Flying J
  • September 1 - La Grande, OR to Twin Falls, ID - Flying J
  • September 2 - Twin Falls, ID to Provo, UT - Flying J
  • September 3 - Provo, UT to Grand Junction, CO - Junction West RV Park
  • September 4 - Grand Junction, CO to Golden, CO - Jefferson County Fairgrounds - getting our slide adjusted at Camping World, and visiting my son Austin in Denver
  • September 6 - Golden, CO to Kearney, NE - Flying J
  • September 7 - Kearney, NE to Des Moines, IA - Flying J
  • September 8 - Des Moines, IA to Porter, IN - Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore
  • September 12 - Porter, IN to Ravenna, OH - West Branch State Park - visiting our friends Connie & Greg who we met while workamping in California
  • September 16 - Ravenna, OH to Saylorsburg, PA - Silver Valley Campsites - visiting friends & family!
  • September 30 - Saylorsburg, PA to Harrisonburg, VA - Flying J
  • October 1 - Harrisonburg, VA to Franklin, NC - RV Dreams Fall Rally
  • October 9 - Franklin, NC to Petersburg, GA - J. Strom Thurmond Lake, Petersburg Campground - know some RV dreamers who are workamping there :)
  • October 23 - Petersburg, GA to Augusta, GA - Heritage RV Park
  • October 28 - Augusta, GA to Murrells Inlet, SC - Huntington Beach State Park - Carolina Clan Reunion!
After the CC Reunion, we'll be heading to our next workamping gig in Florida.
Our job is maintenance for the Ocala National Forest. 
We'll be staying behind the Pittman Visitor's Center across from Lake Dorr Recreation Area.

George and I both think that our next workamping job won't be on opposite coasts next time!

If anyone is interested in workamping in Oregon, the hatchery is looking for someone anytime after we leave here starting in September. 20 hours for your site, maintain the grounds, and help occasionally with the fish.
Not a difficult job at all!


  1. That's quite a commute...west coast to east coast :)
    I think your Florida job sounds like perfect timing! We may see you some time this winter :)

  2. Boy, and people accuse me of thinking too far into the future... :cD

    You're not a planner, are you?

    1. Haha.. I AM a type A personality dontcha know :)

  3. Wow - West Coast to East Coast in 2 weeks. Dan and I would be zombies!

  4. Wow you have a whirlwind couple of months coming up! I bet you will be glad to be moving again. We are heading out three weeks from Wed. We are ready to get going - excited to see KY and ready to get started at Amazon. :)

  5. That's a lot of traveling but you will see lots of the country in those two weeks. our campground is right around the corner from West Branch. Would love to meet you while you are in Ravenna if you have time.

    1. We should have plenty of time to meet! We'll keep in touch, that would be great!

  6. We leave in two weeks headed to NOMADS annual meeting in northern ILL. No idea where we will be staying en route. We do a general plan ahead - you really plan ahead in detail.

  7. That's quite the schedule. Are you trying to compete against Paul in the PDD department? :-)

  8. What Mike said! That's a fast trip across country. You two will be flying. No wonder you are staying in a lot of Flying J's. We have one in our plans but I'm pretty worried about the quality of sleep with big rigs coming in and out and diesel motors all night. Have you stayed there before and found it not to be a problem?? Really CROSSING MY FINGERS that the company gets SOLD and you are out of it forever. Let us know as soon as it happens.

    1. We've stayed in Flying J's quite a bit. They're free :) We find if we get there before 3 in the afternoon, when the trucks come off the road it is easier to find a free spot. We always try to find a back corner away from the hubub. Some of the J's have RV lanes, but they are always in front where it is busier. We've never had a problem. Once we are parked and a big rig pulls next to us, we always feel safer. The noise doesn't bother me as we sleep with sound machine anyway..the truck noise is a giant sound machine!

  9. We're only about an hour or so awsy in Florida this winter as well so maybe we'll get to meet up. We've never stayed at a truck stop, but will be trying our first casino overnight in Connecticut in October.