Sunday, June 23, 2013

Work day

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Even though I grumble about the rain on our days off..
at least on some of our work days it is nice to be outside.
Yesterday was the nicest day of our string of 4 days on.
I hopped on the old John Deere and helped George mow.

He decided to burn a few weeds out of one of the ponds..

There are a lot more wildflowers popping up around the property..

and more birds at our bird feeder!

This Goldfinch likes to perch on the handlebar of my bike..
and keep an eye on the bird feeder :-)

Today...rain...but we're doing some work in the buildings..
so not so bad!
One month down..two to go..
in two weeks, my parents are coming up for a visit!


  1. Time flies when you're havin fun. We have had afternoon storms roll in the past few days.

  2. You look good on that John Deere, hope our computer guru blogging buddy, Rick, won't get jealous of that picture! ;c)

    How nice your folks are coming to visit, it may be a little trip for them, but sure is closer than PA was.

  3. Three months of work can go either slow or fast - all depends to the job. Hope yours goes fast.

  4. Lovely wildflower pictures. I love that you have the bird feeder. I would too if I were in one place for 3 months. The last week I've been lucky to be in one place for 2 days. Gotta stop that. Hope your fun continues and your parents have a safe trip.

  5. You do look good on that lawnmower:)
    Such a beautiful place to spend the summer.