Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh, we're a-hurtin'

Cedar Creek Fish Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Yesterday all the bending over to pull weeds out of a flowerbed did me in.
My back is very..VERY..sore. I've been using a heating pad to help.
Then I remembered the pain meds I had for my kidney stone.
I think they're kicking in now :-)

Today I stayed away from anything on the ground.
George finished up the mowing..

..and then cleaned all the grass off the tractor.

My job today was to pull dried moss off the bird netting.

These nets are put over the ponds so that the birds cannot get to the fish.
The food for the fish is tossed in with a scoop over the netting.
If the moss isn't picked off the net, the food sticks to it, gets moldy,
and can fall in the water and kill the fish.
Picking moss off netting is mind-numbing work...
but at least it's not bending over :-)

George got to get rid of moss on another place..

After all our hard work this week (20 hours each!),
Bob, the manager came to us today and said he made a mistake..
we are only supposed to work 20 hours TOTAL.
Now he tells us! :-)

George decided a payback was in order..

Of course, no fishing allowed at the hatchery :-)
There was no fishing line on the pole!

I think it's time for a well-deserved couple of days off.
We're going to do some sightseeing!


  1. But it was all good exercise! Enjoy your days off.

  2. Wow!! 20 hours total is really amazing. Good choice of jobs on your part just became GREAT!! Hope you back is better. Sounds like you(d better alternate hour for hour weeding and mossing.

  3. A tennis ball is great for getting the kinks out of your back. Roll around on it on the floor, works like acupressure! But then again, maybe George can give you a massage. :-) Looking forward to hearing what you guys are going to do on your days off!

  4. That's almost like winning the lottery! How wonderful to know you don't have to work quite so next week! :)

  5. Double wow! You guys are working hard! Enjoy your much deserved time off!

  6. Or they could just pay you for those extra hours fish filets! ;c)

  7. Glad you've got some time off coming up. Rest up that back, and have some fun.

  8. If the heat on your back doesn't help, try ice. I've found that sometimes works better. Nice surprise about the work hours. That wouldn't be too bad at all.

  9. Working 1/2 the hours is almost like you got a 100% pay raise.

    Ouch on the sore everything.