Friday, June 14, 2013

Flying solo

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

We are on our work rotation for the next 4 days.
This hatchery is small, and there are only 3 men who work here.
They rotate their days off so that they each only work every 3rd weekend.
Today, two of the guys had the day off, and the third called off sick :-(
Since we were on today, the manager, Bob, asked us to hold down the fort!

Even though we only work 5 hour days,  4 days a week,
we ended up working all day today.
We're both pooped!

We had a couple projects to work on...
a piece of plywood that covers one of the cages with a barrel of Formalin
needed to be fixed. George took it off, cut a new one,
and I got the job of painting it.

I spent most of the day thinning out some invasive plant out of the flowerbed by Harvey.

We knew there were strawberries planted in this bed,
but after thinning out the plants, we found a lot more!

George sanded the sign for our spot..

We finished our area up by spreading some mulch in the bed..
It looks great!

George got the important job of feeding the Chinook today..

 ..and washed the hatchery trucks..

It was a long day, and warm too.
We made a pizza for dinner, then sat outside in the sun.
We've put a hummingbird feeder up on our window..

..and this little thing sat on our picnic table for awhile.

Tomorrow we get to go to another hatchery
and help clip the fins of the Chinook.
They clip their fins to identify them as hatchery fish.
Ours won't be ready to clip until the end of July.

Stay tuned!


  1. How fun for you two.It looks really nice around there

  2. Wow, your own little strawberry patch!! Sure is a lovely spot to spend the summer.

  3. You got a lot done. No wonder you're tired!

  4. This looks like a really interesting gig. Us retired folks do have a hard time working full days --just not the way it should be. :)

  5. That's a great workkamping job you guys have...working out well for you both..some of them don't!

  6. Boy you sure won't get bored doing the same old stuff. Staying busy also makes the time fly by.

  7. Wow! What an adventure you two are having. A very happy father's day to you both!

  8. Love your new sign. Very nice. Wonder what sort of bird that is. Seems odd for him to sit on your picnic table. Did he fly off eventually? Lots of downy fluff, maybe a youngster.

  9. You seem to never get a chance to slow down. Is there too much "Work" in this Workamping gig? Hope they appreciate the extra miles you're giving them. Maybe some free Chinook Salmon dinners? ;c)

    They are lucky to have you on staff, for sure!!!

  10. I am sure they will miss ya'll after you move on.