Sunday, June 9, 2013

Data limit

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

When we got new phones several months ago,
Verizon switched us to the new limited data plan.
Of course, we get unlimited minutes and texts now,
but the data is limited to whatever limit you want to pay for.
When we were sitting at Coyote RV Resort workamping,
we used their free WiFi, so we could keep our limit down to a mere 5 GB.

Now that we're working at the hatchery, which has no WiFi at all..
we have had to raise our data to first 10, then finally 14 GB per month.
Yikes :-)
Friday we were in danger of going over that 14 GB, 
so we gave our phones & computers a break yesterday.
A lot of the data we're using up is due to the fact that I am still
logging in to my old computer at work and doing work.
Hopefully that will end soon.

We are back on our work schedule of Friday-Monday.
In the last few days we've done some mowing & weeding..
cleaning of the office and feed room,
and getting a lot of cobwebs off of the outside of the building.
There are days when we get visitors to the hatchery..

We give them some fish pellets to feed the rainbow trout.
They are not allowed to feed the Chinook..
only the hatchery workers feed them..
the fish are on a controlled diet.

Every week the raceways need to be cleaned.
They lower the water in the pond (raceway)..
and then slowly squeegee the sediment to one end.
The fish love having cleaner water :-)

While the water is low..the crows think they have a fish buffet.

My job was to stand near the one end and shoo them away :-)

Where the creek water feeds into the one end of the raceway,
I noticed these baby (3 inches long) salmon are trying to swim upstream :-)
I guess they learn early!

Since it was a beautiful day,
George decided it was time to wash Harvey again.
He hasn't had a good bath for over a month!

I helped by hosing off the suds..

Today, George is still mowing,
and I'm about to go out and clean another building.
It is sunny and warm again..
and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it stays that way!


  1. Don't you just hate data limits! I also lost my unlimited data when I got my new phone but it doesn't hurt quite so much cuz we also have 20 gigs of data from Millenicum which saves a lot :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your job duties there at the hatchery. I'm thinking that's something I'd enjoy!

  3. Craig says we can never get another smart phonr because he doesn't want to loose the unlimited data plan. Maybe they will bring them back. Hope hope,

    1. i am with Craig, they will have to pry my dead cold fingers off my current phone...

  4. I'm nursing my phone along for the same reason - unlimited data. We have a 5G air card on a two year contract. I can't imagine what 14G must cost from those Verizon folks. Our cell phone and internet bill is almost our biggest monthly expense other than food and campgrounds. We often don't even buy as much gas as they cost.

  5. Just think, how many people do you know who can add, "volunteered at a fish hatchery" to there resume!!

  6. Yup, hopefully going to be a long time before we upgrade our phones for just that reason. We had read that the new shared plan was coming so upgraded our phones just in time. About one month before they instituted the new style of plans. So our phones are the one piece of technology we will be keeping for a while. :)

  7. Dan has the "no-phone" and I don't use a data plan on my phone. I think that we're a dying breed! ;-)