Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A rainy day off

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Today is our first day off of three this week.
We woke up to rain, even though it said it was only supposed to be partly cloudy :-)
George and I took the opportunity to do some housework before we figured out our plan for the day.

I have been due for a haircut. I took a look on Yelp for some places nearby.
Hebo is a small town, and even though I called the local salon, no one called me back.
Tillamook had several, so we headed up there this morning after cleaning.

I found a great little place, they took me right away, and the girl did a terrific job!
I told her we'd be here all summer, and assured her I'd be back in 6 weeks :-)

We decided to grab something for lunch, and the Tillamook Cheese Factory
has a great little cafe.
Of course we ordered grilled cheese sandwiches!
Mine came with a great cup of cream of tomato soup,
and George had fries with his.

For dessert I had a single white chocolate raspberry cone,
and George had a peanut butter chocolate cone.
They were good!

On the way back, we stopped at the chamber of commerce and picked up some pamphlets,
including where to take our kayak. We stopped and picked up our permit - $7.00 - for our boat.

George took me up the road to Hebo Lake, where they had released some rainbow trout 2 weeks ago.
It really doesn't look like a lake, more like a very small pond. 
I think our Sea Eagle would fit in it like a bathtub :-)

I took a few pictures yesterday of poor George mowing some more..

Yeah, Paul, he has a John Deere with a mulching blade :-)
His other tractor is a Kubota diesel with a bagger :-(

I helped clear some branches, and took some pictures..

Thanks to Jeannie, she helped identify Foxglove.
They grow all over up here..in different colors.

The views from here are spectacular!

Tomorrow we are exploring McMinnville, as George is taking the truck for an oil change there.
Anxious to see another part of Oregon!


  1. It definitely should not rain on your day off:(

  2. Always a challenge to get a haircut while on the road. How nice you found one you like.

  3. Darn, rain on your day off but it sounds like you made the best of it. Great idea to go get what sounds like DELICIOUS ice cream. Great flavor choices!!

  4. George looks right at home on that Deere :) By the end of the summer, he'll be a pro.

  5. George looks so good on that John Deere. I bet he is already thinking about how to smuggle that tractor with you when you leave... ;c)

  6. Mowing George! Somebody has to do it!!

  7. I've always wanted a john Deere, maybe there is a way I can get one. Judy says she hopes she has your luck in finding someone to cut her hair now that we don't go back to M'ville anymore.