Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A drive south

Cedar Creek Hatchery
Hebo, OR

Raining again on our days off! Geez :-)

Yesterday we drove to Tillamook to pick up groceries.
We've switched from Safeway to Fred Meyer (a Kroger company),
as it has a gas rewards program as well. 
Safeway has it, but no gas stations in the area yet.

Today we took a drive to Lincoln City.
It is about a 25 minute drive south of Hebo,
along Hwy 101, with wonderful views of the ocean.

There is a little river (World's shortest!) that flows from
Devil's Lake to the ocean, about 120 feet!


Before we did some exploring, George dropped me off to get a pedicure.
He always finds someplace to get coffee while he's waiting :-)

I also made an appointment to see an Opthamologist.
About a month ago, I had a lightning bolt type flash
in my right eye, followed by more than usual floaters.
He numbed my eyeball, dilated my eye,
and proceeded to blind me by looking at my retina.
He didn't find anything damaged, but gave me the
'as we age we will see more floaters & flashes'.
He even gave me a pamphlet about the subject.
The doctor does want to see me in another month.

George & I decided to find someplace for lunch.
We passed a place called Mo's, which is in the Taft section of Lincoln City.
It had terrific views, which, because my eyes were dilated, were not fun,
I had a bread bowl of clam chowder, and George had a chili bowl.
The chowder wasn't very good, and their beer tap was not working,
so we couldn't have a nice cold one :-(

We have one more day off this week..
and I'm going to make sure that it is a better one!


  1. Hope your tomorrow is better than your today :)

    I always wonder why doctors, after they give us the old speech, want to see us again next week/month etc. Is there a point other than collecting their fee? :)

  2. I'm sorry you didn't care for the clam chowder at Mo's. One of our favorite places. Hope your eye doesn't give you any more flashes and floaters.

  3. Love that little river. Makes me smile. Like the little engine that could. Hope your eyes don't give you any more problems. I have those floaters but have never had the flashes. Clam chowder that you didn't care for, now that's sad. Was it red or white? I'm not a red fan but I've never met a white that I didn't like. Some are great, some are fantastic, some are just good.

  4. Love the pics. I also suffer from the floaters and flashes. It's NO fun getting old!

  5. Love the Oregon coast, too bad you had your eyes dilated and couldn't enjoy it. Hope the next time you don't have rain on your day off. Funny how that happens in Oregon.

  6. I had those floaters and flashes last year which resulted in a small tear in my retina. The aging process is for the birds!

  7. Have been following your blog occasionally for awhile. We have been full-timers for a little over a year and also are in the ODFW host system. We find them a wonderful way to camp ground hosting so you don't have to police anyone. We are currently at Wizard Falls Hatchery outside Sisters. Our second stint here...very nice.
    About a month ago, I too had the floaters and flashes. Saw ophthalmologist and told essentially the everyone has said...heck to get old, but grateful that is the worst so far. Hope yours remains stable. AND your weather improves!