Friday, May 17, 2013

Another 'free' night at Camping World

Camping World
Redding, CA

A little change in plans.
While in Coarsegold, CA, we noticed that our satellite dish seemed to be locking on,
but our receiver from DirecTV was not receiving any signal.
We were under trees in Loomis, so there was no way to test it again.

George called both Winegard and DirecTV and each was blaming the other.
He called the next Camping World on our route, this one in Redding, CA.
Tommy, the satellite tech here was great, and found out that it was the turret in the satellite that was bad.
The manager made a call to Winegard, who approved the complete replacement, 
and even upgraded the satellite, all under warranty.
It was all fixed by about 4:30 today, but George decided although it is only 1 1/2 hours to our next stop,
that he prefered to leave in the morning instead.

Since we had a couple day's layover, we did a little poking around Redding.
Last night we went out for some great Mexican food at a little place
recommended by our tech, called Cicada Cantina.
The food was great, and we enjoyed sitting outside (under cover!) while it poured down rain!

Today we found a little gem of an area.
We took a drive north on I-5 to a place called Sundial Bridge.

It was opened to the public..foot traffic and bikes only..on July 4, 2004.
It spans over the Sacramento river, and is the entrance to the Sacramento river trail system.

We really enjoyed the geese floating down the river.

There were a lot of nice plants and flowers that attracted butterflies..

..and a great museum..

We opted out of the was a little pricey, even the senior rate :-)

We'll be able to pull out of here tomorrow morning.
Our next location will be in the Mt Shasta area..
and we're a couple days behind!


  1. That is good service! Mostly when get free camping at a service place, it is still pretty expensive:)

  2. Don't you just love "under warranty" repairs! Glad they found out what it was and could fix it for you while you had a free camping spot.

  3. Good news that the dish is fixed. It's always great to find a place that has an expert technician that can pinpoint the problem. Under warranty makes it even better.

    Now you can get back to watching soap operas and let all those wineries restock... ;c)

  4. Under warranty and another night free...that's not too bad :)

  5. You had a good resource in Camping World. Quick question, can we receive HD programing via Direct TV and our Wineguard Slimline ant. Judy called DTV and scheduled delivery and setup of a new DVR. Judy said DTV said no.

  6. Glad someone was able to diagnose the problem and get it solved for you. We enjoyed the Mt. Shasta area when we were there. Safe travels!