Friday, February 8, 2013

SKP #112678

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Been a week of working here at the resort.
Nothing too exciting to report except for one thing..
Randy Moss (well his driver..) came and picked up his Prevost.
The driver called ahead and asked if someone could
fill up the rig with diesel, and clean and polish the wheels & tires.
You know who volunteered for that job :-)
So yesterday, when the driver showed up to head out..
George was front and center to see if he could get a peek inside.
The driver let him in, but only as far as the carpet,
white carpet..geez.
He did give George a $20 tip..bonus :-)

We joined Escapees as well. 

I've been looking into where to stay in Yosemite in May,
and there is a great Escapee park in Coarsegold.
We are going to try and get a spot there after we leave here
the end of April.
We plan on staying in the Yosemite area for a week,
then head north to Sacramento for a few days,
then possibly stay in Mt Shasta area for a week or so.
We have to be at our job in Oregon by June 1st,
so we'll find some other places to stay on the way north.

We've gotten to be good friends with the other workamper couple,
and are thinking about finding a job in Florida with them
for next winter after the Carolina Clan.

Lots of planning to do!


  1. The SKP park in Coarsegold is really nice. We spent a week there to visit Yosemite as well. The planning never stops ;>)

  2. We've heard only good things about that park. Good job on getting into the rig George. :)

  3. Welcome to the SKP family from 106100. :c)

  4. We've been SKP members since 2007 and this is the first park (Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, AL) that we have stayed in. Great park and weekly rate $95.00.

  5. Too bad Randy didn't pick up the RV. If you are planning to vol at FL state parks let me know. I will be happy to offer our insights from our experience there.

  6. The park in Coarsegold is really neat. You'll like it there.

    Jim SKP #56742

  7. A job in Oregon! Very cool! Did you already give the details?

    We are Escapees as well, but haven't stayed at a park yet. Maybe next winter. :)

  8. Welcome to Escapees!

    White carpet in that rig??? Can't even imagine how often that has to be cleaned!

  9. WHITE CARPET!!! Do they really RV?

    Love those SKP parks. We've been to Rainbows End in TX, Racoon Valley in TN, Dream Catcher in NM, Saquaro in Benson, AZ, the one in Congress AZ and Summerdale AL. Each park is a bargain. We also have stayed at several other parks that give Escapees a discount. Gotta watch those dollars.

    Aren't you glad you got out of the northeast this winter?