Friday, February 15, 2013

Another week gone by

Coyote Valley RV Resort
Morgan Hill, CA

Been another busy week here at Coyote.
The weather has been glorious,
sunny and high 60's to low 70's..
just perfect!

I have been getting in bike rides almost every day.
There is not a lot to photograph while riding,
but Wednesday on the ride,
it would have been nice to have the camera.
I looked up into the trees and saw big nests,
and what looked to be Herons nesting.
I'll have to take my big camera and telephoto to see
if I can get a decent picture of them.

From our site yesterday I caught this guy..

It looks like a hawk...he (she?) is beautiful.
We see them soaring over the hills around here, 
looking for a morsel to eat :-)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.
Poor George woke up to a dizzy head,
umm, and the other stuff that goes with that too :-(
I told him to stay in bed, and I went out
to do our shift...including filling some propane :-)

Later in the afternoon he felt better,
and joined me in the warm sunshine to finish things up.

We decided he felt good enough to order pizza,
so we enjoyed that as our Valentines  meal :-)

Today is going to be a busy day..
there are over 10 RVs coming in for a group stay.
Lots of people to escort!

Tonight is a special wine tasting,
with strawberries and chocolate.
It should be a great post-valentine's day event!


  1. Glad George is feeling better. Sounds like some fun days you're having!

  2. See what George gets from sniffing all those propane fumes? Nice of him to share some with you! ;c)

  3. Sounds like you have a great gig. Do you ever get over to the coast?

  4. Hope George continues to feel better. Those temps sound wonderful!

  5. Enjoy the nice weather. That pic is definitely a hawk.

  6. Wine and chocolate is sure to make George feel better! :)

  7. Glad that George's illness was short lived! :)

    We have been having the same kinds of temps here and I love it!!

  8. What a sweet valentine's present for your sweetie! Glad it did the trick to make Jim feel better.