Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our fine feathered friends

Another beautiful Saturday!

We lazed around a bit,
then decided to go
wash my car at
the local do it yourself car wash.
It looked nice afterwards.

We treated ourselves to
lunch at Andy's diner.

They recently reopened after the flood,
the inside looks great!
I didn't take my camera,
so unfortunately, no pictures!

We grocery shopped
afterwards, then came
home and got the 
chairs out and sat in the sun.

We hung a new bird feeder..

..for our feathered friends.

The cardinal is so skittish..
it's hard to get a decent picture of him.

We are learning different birds..
mostly sparrows in our backyard.

Looking forward to see other
species of birds in 
different parts of the country!


  1. I am LOVING this weather! This week looks like another great one. :)

  2. WHo would have thought you'd be sitting outside in March in PA? I guess it's for the birds. :c)

  3. I've thought about starting a life list of birds I've sighted. That's all I've done - think about it.

    Yea, hear the weather back there is most usual.

  4. We have had lots of rain and cold for the last week. Feels like March in the mid-west. But rain is needed, and soon we will have months of fine weather. Putting up a feeder really lets you see who is in the neighborhood.

  5. I think white Ibis are really neat birds with their curved beaks, but they were everywhere in Florida like pigeons or crows along the Interstate roads.

  6. We love to watch the birds. So do our cats! :-)

  7. I love to take photos of birds, and especially like your cardinal. I haven't seen one of those (among the many I haven't seen yet!).

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    1. Sorry, here goes again;o))

      Nice that you get such great weather in March!!

      Love the bird photos. Once you hit the road, you will go crazy with that camera of yours!!!!

  9. Nice that you can sit out and enjoy the weather. Glad to see spring is coming to the north country.

  10. I always had bird feeders of several sorts at the farm and just loved them and the birds. But I haven't figured out what to have on the road or how to hang them. If I can reach the tree branch, so can the squirrels. LOL My budget for bird seed doesn't include feeding them.

    Everyone has had such a warm winter. It's not even spring yet and it seems like summer.

  11. we love watching the birds and wild life...:)

  12. So glad you are feeding the birds and seeing the ones in your current location. You are so will see so many different varieties as you travel. Mike and I just love birding!!