Saturday, January 14, 2012

So this is January!

Another lazy weekend for us.
Last weekend it was nice
enough for a walk.
This morning, not so much!

Not much snow, thank goodness, 
but frigid temps..right now it's 21 degrees,
and tonight it's supposed to hit a low of 12!

We're experimenting a bit with our heat.
We used electric only last month (temps were above average)
and our electric bill is $284.64!
This was using space heaters and
the fireplace only! Yikes!

This month we're using propane only.
We were going to have the gas 
company deliver a 90# tank
for the winter. George decided instead
to use 4 35# tanks. Two came with 
the RV, and two he's borrowing.
The gas company will fill each one for $20
We have the thermostat set at 65,
so we'll see.
I keep thinking that this is still cheaper 
than what I paid to heat my drafty victorian!

With January half over, and the temps
above average, maybe it will be better.
Stay tuned :-)

A couple changes too..
we decided to change our map on
the sidebar to reflect places
that the RV has been :-)
So far Harvey's only been right here in PA.

Sometime today we're going to
sit down and get our list going
of what's left to do.

That countdown on the right
is going fast!!


  1. When we were stationary in NJ for a year, we bought two 100 pound propane tanks. Otherwise at least once a week we were out filling at least two of our three 30 pounders. As a matter of fact, Len is out now getting two filled.

    Cold here in AL too - got down into 20's last two nights. Always wondered which would have been cheaper - electric heat or the propane. Gotta let us know. We have metered electric here. Will be curious to see the final tally.

  2. It won't be long and that map will start filling in. :)

  3. I can't wait to see that to do list!!! :) that countdown does seem to be moving fast!

  4. It's been in the 20s here in Sacramento, but lately in the 30s overnight, 60s during the day. I have been using a couple electric heaters (one in LR and the other in BR). My electric is metered too. December my bill was only up by about $25. I'll see what January's and then I'm heading South.

  5. Down to 12 degrees...yikes ;o(( We bet Harvey will be glad to see some warmer places ;o))

  6. YIKES on the electric bill for sure. Hope the propane works better. BUT in 270 days you'll be free to spend next winter ANY WHERE you want. But, the low here outside of Tampa is 33 tonight. Glad electric is included in my camping fee. Still, it's WAY better than 12 for sure.

  7. ouchie on the electric bill for sure...hope you find the propane more economical...the low here in Avon park Fl is 37 tonight..our electric is included so we crank on the electric blanket and have a great sleep :) won't be long you'll be filling in that map