Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquakes to hurricanes

Incredible how Mother nature works.
A 5.8 earthquake in of all places
Now, on the heels of that..

She's packing a punch..
with evacuations already in
parts of NJ and points south.
We should only get
about 2" of rain, and 40 mph winds
on Sunday.. far...

The media is in a frenzy already.
Time will tell.

I'm getting calls already
for bottled water for 
hurricane relief.

We hope that all our blog friends
in the south..
will be ok.

Hang on!


  1. They're calling for it up here Saturday night into Sunday as well. From the current track, it looks like its headed pretty directly towards Albany. They haven't given us any estimates of rainfall yet though.

  2. we are in mid New Hampshire and watching it all closely... was thinking about heading back over to Gloversville NY but Jessica above doesn't make that sound any better than here...

  3. Great, what the earthquake didn't do to our house in VA, the hurricane probably will. Just when we've got the place looking perfect, too.

    At least we have our Journey escape pod to run for the hills, or maybe Pennsylvania! ;c)

  4. Left Connecticut yesterday, now in PA. Wondering if we went far enough. After all, this is our only home we are talking about.

    Hopefully, as you say, just heavy winds and some shaking. Just talked to another couple here in the campground. They were headed to New Hampshire and made a left turn and came here.

  5. Friends in Charlottesville Virginia, about 30 miles from the epicenter, said the news media blew the Earthquake all out proportion. No damage other than lawn furniture falling over.

    Wonder if they are doing the same with the hurricane?? Sure hope so for all my friends on the coasts of N.C. and Virginia.

  6. I think that I would be heading inland just to be on the safe side. I sure hope that my great grandsons will be okay. They live in Virginia Beach VA.

  7. Well, we are in Bangor, Maine after canceling plans to move to Bar Harbor. I guess we awill all see how it goes.