Friday, January 28, 2011

Calgon, take me away.....!!

So I finally get to relax!!!


It all started with the moving day..

Our great friends, Bob & Karen
came over to help load our stuff 
into a chip truck.

Karen wrapped the rest of kitchen stuff..

I was looking exhausted & overwhelmed!

We sorted through everything that we had to pack...
and put things in another room that we will later
sell at a yard sale in the spring.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Then we moved everything (in two trips!) to George's
 house in Plains, PA..(40 minutes north..)

I won't bore you with the inside pictures. I'll save
that for the inside of an RV someday ;-)

So then there was Monday..and the colonoscopy thing.
All went well, clean bill of health...all that was left
is this awful bruise on the back of my hand from the IV they 
had to put in.

Let's see..
oh yeah..
then there was that 'Operating Officer' promotion thing..

enough stress yet?? Huh?

The light at the end of this stress tunnel is..
a weekend away!!

My birthday is tomorrow...the 29th.
We had made reservations at the Los Gatos B&B..
in Penn Yan, NY, on Keuka Lake.
It's one of the 5 finger lakes.

We left at 2 today from work, and headed up.
Checked in, relaxed, 

then went out eat!

Prime Rib & Sweet potato fries.

Our view from the sitting room of the B&B..

Tomorrow, a bit of shopping, wine tasting, and more relaxing!!


  1. hope you have a great birthday weekend!..sounds like you both deserve it!!!

  2. What a beautiful view. Happy birthday and you certainly deserve a special weekend to relax. A wine tasting sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. Happy birthday!! Hope you get a great weekend of rest and relaxation!! :) You definitely deserve it!

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday!!

    Have a great time and just RELAX... you need to take care of yourself!! You have a lot of stuff going on and need to just forget it for the weekend!!

  5. Happy Birthday! How cool is it that you are now 29 on the 29th! Did you plan it that way? ;c)

    Have a great time! You earned a well deserved rest after all that work.

  6. Happy Happy Birthday. Have a great weekend.