Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wii night

I had planned on coming home from work, working out, eating dinner, then relaxing. Work kept me there until over 6 pm with computer/server there ya go. I suggested to George that we 'exercise' with some Wii games instead.

George got me a Wii last year, and we love it.
I use it to work out, play games, all kinds of activity. 
It'll be great in the RV.

So tonight we played a bit of the canoeing, then frisbee golf.

George has trouble with it a bit because he's a lefty. 
I'm not that great at this one either :)

On the Wii, you create a 'Mii' with characteristics...

Is it me, or is this Mii George or what? :)

Mine isn't that flattering..I need someone else to create mine :)

I guess we need a bit more practice!


  1. I wouldn't be good at the golfing one either! Your "Mii" is pretty good I think - except maybe you could use a nose job! LOL

  2. Haha Jess, yeah, the noses they give you to choose from don't match mine at ALL. I also keep changing the hair, mine changes at least twice a year.. :)