Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mauch Chunk Lake

We are not too far from the beautiful little mountain town of Jim Thorpe. The original name of the town was 'Mauch Chunk' which in an Indian name that means 'bear mountain'. In 1953 the town council decided to rename the town 'Jim Thorpe' after the olympic medalist. He had never been there, but they figured his name would help boost tourism. Sheesh.

Anyway...above the little town is a beautiful park. 

 With a beautiful lake.

We took the Sea Eagle out for a spin. 
It was a nice day, but just a tad cloudy,
which makes the pictures a bit flat.

They have a great boat launch, 
made it easy to get in and out of the boat.

It always draws a few people watching us as we blow 
the boat up. I didn't take pictures this time.
We think we sold another one though..
we should get commission :)

We spent a couple hours on the lake.
This time we didn't pack a lunch,
but skipped so we could save
room for our ice cream.

This time we stopped at BeanHead's
a coffee-ice cream-latte
shop in Jim Thorpe.
It's right across from the
Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.

The ice cream we had this trip
was the best we've had so far!
Coconut almond fudge.

Summer is winding down...
not too many Sea Eagle weekends left!


  1. That area is beautiful! You guys are making great use of your new Sea Eagle. :)

  2. Ah - there is the Jim Thorpe train. Never been there but have been on the one in Strasburg.

    Coconut fudge ice cream? Sounds good to me!